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Thring is a surname of British origin. It may refer to:

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Frank Thring Australian actor

Francis William Thring was an Australian character actor in radio, stage, television and film and theatre director. His early career started in London in theatre productions, before he starred in Hollywood film, where he became best known for roles in Ben-Hur in 1959 and King of Kings in 1961. He was known for always wearing black and styling his home in black decor.

Robert Hill may refer to:

Parliamentary counsel are lawyers who prepare legislation that it is proposed to pass into law. The terms Parliamentary drafter, Parliamentary draftsman, legislative drafting officer and legislative counsel are also widely used. These terms are used in relation to the United Kingdom parliament in Westminster, and other parliaments and assemblies based on the Westminster system. The official title, and organisation, of the parliamentary counsel varies between legislatures. For example, those who draft government legislation for the UK parliament form the Parliamentary Counsel Office while the Scottish Government's Parliamentary Counsel Office drafts legislation for the Scottish Parliament, the Office of the Legislative Counsel drafts legislation for the Northern Ireland Assembly and the (Welsh) Office of the Legislative Counsel performs the same role in relation to the National Assembly for Wales. In the Republic of Ireland, there is an Office of the Parliamentary Counsel to Government. In Australia, each state, territory and the federal government has an Office of Parliamentary Counsel.

Our Thing may refer to:

Thang can refer to:

Meredith Wooldridge Thring, FREng, FIMechE, FIET, FInstP, FIChemE, FEI was a British inventor, engineer, futurologist, professor and author.

Dickinson is a surname and, rarely, a given name.

The Office of the Parliamentary Counsel (OPC) is responsible for drafting all government Bills that are introduced to Parliament. Established in 1869, the OPC has been part of various departments and is currently part of the Cabinet Office. Led by Elizabeth Gardiner, the First Parliamentary Counsel and Permanent Secretary, the OPC consists of 60 members of staff, 47 of whom are lawyers and 13 of whom are support staff. The lawyers who work in the office are referred to as Parliamentary counsel or Parliamentary draftsmen.

Henry Thring, 1st Baron Thring lawyer

Henry Thring, 1st Baron Thring KCB, was a British lawyer and civil servant.

Things or The Things may refer to:

Digger or diggers may refer to:

F. W. Thring Australian film director

Francis William Thring, better known as F. W. Thring, was an Australian film director, producer, and exhibitor.

Noel Monkman (1896–1969) was an Australian filmmaker, born in New Zealand, best known for specialising in underwater photography. He was a press photographer in New Zealand before moving to Australia and jointing the Orpheum Theatre orchestra.

<i>The Streets of London</i> (1934 film) 1934 film by F. W. Thring

The Streets of London is a 1934 Australian film directed by F. W. Thring. It was a filmed version of a play by Dion Boucicault which Thring had produced on stage the previous year. It was the last film made by Efftee Film Productions – Thring ceased production afterwards with the aim of resuming it later but died in 1936 before he had the chance.

Clara Gibbings is a 1934 Australian film directed by F.W. Thring about the owner of a London pub who discovers she is the daughter of an earl. It was a vehicle for stage star Dorothy Brunton.

The Sentimental Bloke is a 1932 Australian film directed by F. W. Thring and starring Cecil Scott and Ray Fisher. It is an adaptation of Songs of a Sentimental Bloke by C. J. Dennis, which had previously been filmed in 1919.

Henry Rowe may refer to:

Thwing may refer to:

Sir Arthur Theodore Thring, KCB, DL was an English lawyer, parliamentary draftsman and parliamentary clerk.

Sir John Saye Wingfield Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, KCB, QC, commonly known as Sir John Fiennes, was a British lawyer and parliamentary draftsman.