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Thue may refer to:

Axel Thue Norwegian mathematician

Axel Thue, was a Norwegian mathematician, known for highly original work in diophantine approximation, and combinatorics.

Thue is an esoteric programming language invented by John Colagioia in early 2000. It is a meta-language that can be used to define or recognize Type-0 languages from the Chomsky hierarchy. Because it is able to define languages of such complexity, it is also Turing-complete itself. Thue is based on a nondeterministic string rewriting system called semi-Thue grammar, which itself is named after the Norwegian mathematician Axel Thue. The author describes it as follows: "Thue represents one of the simplest possible ways to construe constraint-based programming. It is to the constraint-based paradigm what languages like OISC are to the imperative paradigm; in other words, it's a tar pit."

Thue is a delicacy in Tibetan cuisine made with dri cheese, brown sugar and unsalted sweet cream butter. These ingredients are mixed together by hand into a smooth, slightly crumbly doughy mixture. It has a high butter content and is shaped in a thuedrom, a rectangular wooden frame about the size of a small brick. Thue is often topped with representations of the moon and the sun, carved out of butter while it is in a cold state. It is one of the few sweet Tibetan dishes and is eaten as a dessert on Losar and other special occasions like the Sho Dun Festival or on weddings.

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In mathematics, the Thue–Morse sequence, or Prouhet–Thue–Morse sequence, is the binary sequence obtained by starting with 0 and successively appending the Boolean complement of the sequence obtained thus far. The first few steps of this procedure yield the strings 0 then 01, 0110, 01101001, 0110100110010110, and so on, which are prefixes of the Thue–Morse sequence. The full sequence begins:

In mathematics, the Prouhet–Thue–Morse constant, named for Eugène Prouhet, Axel Thue, and Marston Morse, is the number—denoted by —whose binary expansion .01101001100101101001011001101001... is given by the Thue–Morse sequence. That is,

Petoro is a company that is wholly owned by the Government of Norway. Established in 2001, it manages the Government's portfolio—collectively called State's Direct Financial Interest (SDFI)—of exploration and production licenses for petroleum and natural gas on the Norwegian continental shelf. The company also has a control function surveying Equinor's production on behalf of the Government. Petoro is not an operator of any fields and does not directly own the licenses.

Thue's theorem may refer to the following mathematical theorems named after Axel Thue:

In mathematics, a Thue equation is a Diophantine equation of the form

Christian Krohg Norwegian painter

Christian Krohg was a Norwegian naturalist painter, illustrator, author and journalist. Krohg was inspired by the realism art movement and often chose motives from everyday life. He was the director and served as the first professor at the Norwegian Academy of Arts from 1909 to 1925.

In theoretical computer science and mathematical logic a string rewriting system (SRS), historically called a semi-Thue system, is a rewriting system over strings from a alphabet. Given a binary relation between fixed strings over the alphabet, called rewrite rules, denoted by , an SRS extends the rewriting relation to all strings in which the left- and right-hand side of the rules appear as substrings, that is , where , , , and are strings.

The Sins of Thy Beloved Norwegian death-doom/gothic metal band

The Sins of Thy Beloved was a death-doom/gothic metal band from Bryne, Norway, founded in 1996.

In combinatorics, a square-free word is a word that does not contain any subword twice in a row.

Thue number

In the mathematical area of graph theory, the Thue number of a graph is a variation of the chromatic index, defined by Alon et al. (2002) and named after mathematician Axel Thue, who studied the squarefree words used to define this number.

Thu├Ęs-Entre-Valls Commune in Occitanie, France

Thuès-Entre-Valls is a commune in the Pyrénées-Orientales department in southern France.

The 2002–03 Syracuse Orangemen basketball team represented Syracuse University in NCAA men's basketball competition in the 2002–03 Division I season. The head coach was Jim Boeheim, serving for his 27th year. The team played its home games at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York. The team finished with a 30–5 (13–3) record, while capturing its first modern-era NCAA Championship.

The 2001–02 Syracuse Orangemen basketball team represented Syracuse University in NCAA men's basketball competition in the 2001–02 Division I season. The head coach was Jim Boeheim, serving for his 26th year. The team played its home games at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York. The team finished with a 23–13 (9–7) record, while making it to the Final Four round of the NIT tournament. The team was led by senior Preston Shumpert and juniors Kueth Duany and DeShaun Williams. Seniors Billy Celuck, sophomores Jeremy McNeil and James Thues and freshmen Craig Forth and Josh Pace and Hakim Warrick were also major contributors.

Trygve Thue Norwegian musician

Trygve Thue is a Norwegian guitarist and music producer, and an original member of the Norwegian Saft (band). He is the brother of the folk singer Ove Thue.

Thue et Mue Commune in Normandy, France

Thue et Mue is a commune in the department of Calvados, northwestern France. The municipality was established on 1 January 2017 by merger of the former communes of Bretteville-l'Orgueilleuse, Brouay, Cheux, Le Mesnil-Patry, Putot-en-Bessin and Sainte-Croix-Grand-Tonne.

254 is the natural number following 253 and preceding 255.

Canton of Bretteville-lOrgueilleuse Canton in Normandy, France

The canton of Bretteville-l'Orgueilleuse is an administrative division of the Calvados department, northwestern France. It was created at the French canton reorganisation which came into effect in March 2015. Its seat is in Thue et Mue.