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For the aircraft Thulin Type B see:Thulin B (aircraft)

Thulin B or Thulin Type B was an automobile built by AB Thulinverken.

AB Thulinverken was a company in Landskrona, Sweden, founded in 1914 as Enoch Thulins Aeroplanfabrik by the airman and aircraft technician Enoch Thulin. The company became Sweden's first aircraft manufacturer. In 1920, Thulin also started manufacturing automobiles, which continued until 1928. During World War I, the company came into financial difficulties and was reconstructed in 1922 as AB Thulinverken. The manufacturing of brake systems became a main focus of the company. In 1958, Thulinverken merged with Svenska AB Bromsregulator. The remains of Thulinverken are now a part of SAB Wabco AB, which is owned by the French Faiveley Transport company since 2004.


In 1925 Thulinverken was contacted by the brothers Per and Hugo Weiertz (who earlier had worked on the Self) who wanted them to build a car using their own blueprints. Thulinverken became interested in the project and hired the two brothers. During 1926 a prototype was constructed and tested and during 1927 the car went into production. Only 13 cars were built and none of them remain today.


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Thulin is a surname of Swedish origin and may refer to:

HB was a car made in two or three copies at Berglunds mekaniska verkstad at about 1925. On the prototype they used a three-cylinder engine, but the production models had a four-cylinder engine producing 16 horsepower. The engine was connected to a three-speed transmission. The car was a two-seater, and the design was much inspired by the Thulin A by AB Thulinverken. The company was later renamed to Sörby mekaniska verkstad (SMV) and made travel trailers.

Self was a series of three cyclecars built by the brothers Per and Hugo Wiertz in Svedala in 1916, 1919 and 1922.

The Thulin LA was a Swedish two-seat, single-engine biplane designed by Enoch Thulin in 1917 and made by his company AB Thulinverken in Landskrona. It was based on the earlier Thulin L and E aircraft, with a new engine, fuselage and empennage. The L and E types were in turn based on the German Albatros B.II aircraft, like the NAB Albatros. The Thulin LA was used in Sweden, the Netherlands (10) and Finland (1). This type also made the first passenger transport flights between Sweden and Denmark in 1919. Altogether there were 15 Thulin LAs built.

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The Thulin K was a Swedish naval fighter aircraft in the 1910s. It was operated by both the Swedish and Dutch armed forces.

Halberstädter Flugzeugwerke or Halberstadt was a German aircraft manufacturer. It was formed on 9 April 1912 under the name Deutsche Bristol Werke Flugzeug-Gesellschaft mbH in Halberstadt, Province of Saxony.

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The Thulin G was a Swedish military reconnaissance aircraft built in the late 1910s.

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The Thulin NA was a prototype Swedish fighter plane built in the late 1910s.

The Thulin FA was a Swedish reconnaissance plane built in the late 1910s.