Thunderbirds Are Now!

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Thunderbirds Are Now!
Origin Livonia, Michigan
Genres Post-punk revival, noise rock, new wave, indie rock
Years active2002–2009, 2013, 2017
Labels Action Driver Records
French Kiss Records
MembersRyan Allen
Scott Allen
Matt Rickle
Julian Wettlin
Past membersHoward Chang
Mike Durgan
Marty Smith

Thunderbirds are Now! were an American, Livonia, Michigan-based post-punk revival band, whose sound used a mix of traditional post-punk, new wave and noise rock. The band was heavily influenced by 1980s new wave and other post-punk revival acts like Les Savy Fav. They were signed to French Kiss Records, with an additional two releases on Action Driver Records and an EP on Acutest Records.


The band's name is based on the popular British television program Thunderbirds , known for its use of marionettes.

They became inactive in 2009, but reunited for a one-off show in Detroit in 2013. [1]

In 2017, they reunited once again and released two new songs. [2]

Other projects

During and since Thunderbirds Are Now!, Ryan Allen has been involved in numerous projects, including Friendly Foes (2008-2010), Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms (2011–present), and Destroy This Place (2013–present). Before Thunderbirds Are Now!, he was a drummer in Red Shirt Brigade.

Scott Allen plays in Livonia-based band Big Mess (2011–Present), while Matt Rickle and Julian Wettlin continue to be active in Detroit-based Javelins (2004–present). [1]





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