Thursday October Christian

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Thursday October Christian may refer to:

Thursday October Christian I Pitcairn Island leader

Thursday October Christian was the first son of Fletcher Christian and his Tahitian wife Mauatua. He was conceived on Tahiti, and was the first child born on the Pitcairn Islands after the mutineers took refuge on the island. Born on a Thursday in October, he was given his unusual name because Fletcher Christian wanted his son to have "no name that will remind me of England."

Thursday October Christian II Pitcairn Islands political leader

Thursday October Christian, Jr. was a Pitcairn Islands political leader. He was the grandson of Fletcher Christian and son of Thursday October Christian, and mother, Teraura. He was also known as "Doctor", "Duddie" or "Doodie". He spent several years on Norfolk Island but returned to Pitcairn in 1864. Christian was three quarters Polynesian.

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History of the Pitcairn Islands Wikimedia history article

The history of the Pitcairn Islands begins with the colonization of the islands by Polynesians in the 11th century. The Polynesians established a culture that flourished for four centuries and then vanished. Pitcairn was settled again in 1790 by a group of British mutineers on HMS Bounty and Tahitians.

Fletcher Christian HMS Bounty mutineer

Fletcher Christian was master's mate on board HMS Bounty during Lieutenant William Bligh's voyage to Tahiti during 1787–1789 for breadfruit plants. In the mutiny on the Bounty, Christian seized command of the ship from Bligh on 28 April 1789.

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The descendants of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian consorts include the modern-day Pitcairn Islanders as well as a little less than half of the population of Norfolk Island. Their descendants also live in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. Because of the scarcity of people on the island, many of the mutineers' children and grandchildren intermarried, with some marrying first and second cousins. Occasionally a new person would arrive on the island bringing with them a new surname.

Ivan Roa Christian was a politician from Pitcairn. He was the Chief Magistrate of Pitcairn Island from 1976 to 1984. As his surname suggests, he is descended from the original mutineers who settled the island, led by Fletcher Christian. He is related to a number of other island leaders, including his father Richard Edgar Christian, his uncle Charles Richard Parkin Christian and his great-grandfather Thursday October Christian II. Through his marriage to Verna Young, he is the father of Steve Christian and Brenda Christian.

Edward Quintal was the first Magistrate of the British Overseas Territory of Pitcairn Island. Quintal was the son of Matthew Quintal, the Bounty Mutineer, and Teraura, the partner of Ned Young, and the future spouse of Thursday October Christian. The elder Quintal was killed by a hatchet the year before Edward was born.

Fletcher Christian served as magistrate of the British Overseas Territory of Pitcairn Island in 1842. Christian was the grandson of Fletcher Christian, the Bounty mutineer, through his son Charles Christian. He was the cousin of Thursday October Christian II. Like Thursday, Christian was of Polynesian descent from 3 of his grandparents. His mother was Sully, the daughter of Teio.

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