Thursday October Christian II

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Thursday October Christian
Thursday October Christian II.jpg
Thursday October Christian taken around his 90th birthday
Born(1820-10-01)1 October 1820
Died27 May 1911(1911-05-27) (aged 90)
Pitcairn Island, British Empire
Nationality Pitcairn Islander
Spouse(s)Mary Young
Children17 Children
Parent(s) Thursday October Christian, Teraura

Thursday October Christian Jr. (1 October 1820 27 May 1911) [1] was a Pitcairn Islands political leader. He was the grandson of Fletcher Christian and son of Thursday October Christian (14 October 1790 – 21 April 1831), [1] and mother, Teraura (c.1775 - 15 July 1850). [1] He was also known as "Doctor", "Duddie" [1] or "Doodie". He spent several years on Norfolk Island but returned to Pitcairn in 1864. [1] Christian was three quarters Polynesian.


He was the fifth Magistrate of the Pitcairn Islands, holding the office in 1844, 1851, 1864, [1] 1867, 1873–1874, 1880 and 1882. [1] Everyone named Christian on Pitcairn is descended from him; a number of family branches, however, left Pitcairn permanently and settled on Norfolk Island.

He married Mary Young, granddaughter of Ned Young, on 24 March 1839. They had 17 children, [1] none of them named as a month name or week day. Seven died as children and three lived past the age of 73. [1]

Children and descendants

Julia Christian23 July 184015 June 1850
Agnes Christian6 October 18416 April 1911Married Samuel Russell Warren, a whaler from Rhode Island. She is the ancestor of all the Warrens on Pitcairn Island.
Albert Christian31 March 184319 January 1861
Elias Christian7 January 18457 October 1893Married Mary Young. Ancestor of Jay Warren and Mike Warren
Alphonso Driver Christian3 August 184614 June 1921Married Sarah McCoy. Father of Gerard Christian, grandfather of John Lorenzo Christian
Anna Rose Christian31 July 184830 March 1851
Julia Anna Rose Christian9 November 185130 August 1864
Ernest Heywood Christian5 October 1853December 1926
Daniel Christian27 July 1855March 1904Married Harriet McCoy. Father of Edgar Allen Christian and Frederick Martin Christian
Elizabeth Saidley A. Christian27 April 18571863
Francis Hickson Christian18 February 18593 January 1938Married Eunice Young. Father of Charles Richard Parkin Christian, ancestor of Ivan Christian and Steve Christian
William Henry Gordon Christian1 September 186022 January 1934
Albert Swain Christian8 May 18629 May 1862
Harriet Christian22 August 18631864
Harriet Christian23 August 186419 August 1937Married Matthew Edmond McCoy
Charles Benjamin Christian1 August 1865July 1885
Mary Elizabeth Saidley ChristianApril 18681 June 1868



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Thursday October Christian II appears in Mark Twain's 1879 story "The Great Revolution in Pitcairn".

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The Pitcairn sexual assault trial of 2004 concerned seven men living on Pitcairn Island who faced 55 charges relating to sexual offences against children and young people. The accused represented a third of the island's male population and included Steve Christian, the mayor. On 24 October, all but one of the defendants were found guilty on at least some of the charges. Another six men living abroad, including Shawn Christian, who later served as mayor of Pitcairn, were tried on 41 charges in a separate trial in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2005.

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Bounty Day is a holiday on both Pitcairn Island, destination of the Bounty mutineers, and on Norfolk Island. It is celebrated on 23 January on Pitcairn, and on 8 June on Norfolk Island, the day that the descendants of the mutineers arrived on the island. It is named for the Bounty, although the ship never saw Norfolk Island.

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Pitcairn Islanders, also referred to as Pitkerners and Pitcairnese, are the inhabitants or citizens of the Pitcairn Islands. The Pitcairn Islands are a British Overseas Territory, mainly inhabited by Euronesians of British and Tahitian descent.

Charles Richard Parkin Christian was a long-serving politician from Pitcairn. He was the Chief Magistrate of Pitcairn Island for eleven years at various times between 1920 and 1957. As is commonly the case with the small population of Pitcairn, he was closely related to several other island leaders, notably cousins Edgar Allen Christian, Frederick Martin Christian, and Gerard Bromley Robert Christian. He was also the grandson of Thursday October Christian II and uncle of Ivan Christian and Warren Clive Christian. Christian was born on Pitcairn, and died at Auckland, New Zealand.

Gerard Bromley Robert Christian served as Magistrate of the British Overseas Territory of Pitcairn Island from 1910 to 1919. As is commonly the case with the small population of Pitcairn, he was closely related to several other island leaders, notably cousins Edgar Allen Christian, Frederick Martin Christian, and Charles Richard Parkin Christian. He was also the grandson of Thursday October Christian II and was the father of John Lorenzo Christian. He was born and died on Pitcairn Island.

Edward Quintal was the first Magistrate of the British Overseas Territory of Pitcairn Island. Quintal was the son of Matthew Quintal, the Bounty Mutineer, and Teraura, the partner of Ned Young, and the future spouse of Thursday October Christian. The elder Quintal was killed by a hatchet the year before Edward was born.

Fletcher Christian served as magistrate of the British Overseas Territory of Pitcairn Island in 1842. Christian was the grandson of Fletcher Christian, the Bounty mutineer, through his son Charles Christian. He was the cousin of Thursday October Christian II. Like Thursday, Christian was of Polynesian descent from 3 of his grandparents. His mother was Sully, the daughter of Teio.

Matthew Edmond McCoy served as Magistrate of the British Overseas Territory of Pitcairn Island in 1909. He was the son of James Russell McCoy and Eliza Coffin Palmer Young, and was the grandson of Matthew McCoy. He was one of the last people on the island with the surname 'McCoy'; most people with this name had emigrated to Norfolk Island, New Zealand or Australia, and the family produced a lot of daughters. McCoy himself had 3 children by 3 women, he had two sons who took the surnames 'Christian' and 'Young'.

Thursday October Christian I Pitcairn Island leader

Thursday October Christian was the first son of Fletcher Christian and his Tahitian wife Mauatua. He was conceived on Tahiti, and was the first child born on the Pitcairn Islands after the mutineers took refuge on the island. Born on a Thursday in October, he was given his unusual name because Fletcher Christian wanted his son to have "no name that will remind me of England."

Charles Christian, Jr. served as Magistrate of the British Overseas Territory of Pitcairn Island in 1847. He was the son of Charles Christian and Sully. He married Charlotte Quintal and had 16 children. Christian died on Norfolk Island.

George Adams was the only son of the Bounty Mutineer John Adams. He was born to his wife Teio, who had once been the wife of William McCoy and was the mother-in-law of Charles Christian, on Pitcairn Island. Adams was born at a time when all the original mutineers apart from his own father had been killed, or in the case of Ned Young died of natural causes. In 1808 the Pitcairn colony was discovered and the elder Adams was granted amnesty for his part in the mutiny. Both of Adams' parents died in March 1829, when George was 24 years old. Adams served as Chief Magistrate on Pitcairn in 1848. Adams was an opponent of Joshua Hill in the 1830s. Adams opposed the decision to move to Norfolk Island in the 1850s, due to his granddaughter being ill. Adams did eventually move, and died on Norfolk Island in 1873.

Simon Young served as Magistrate of the British colony of the Pitcairn Islands in 1849. Young was the son of George Young, who in turn was the son of bounty mutineer Ned Young, his mother was Hannah Adams, a daughter of John Adams. Young married Mary Buffett Christian, his father-in-law John Buffett had arrived on the island in 1823 as a schoolteacher, and had stayed to help Adams teach the islands many children. Young himself was a schoolteacher by trade. He spent several years on Norfolk Island but returned to Pitcairn in 1864. Young's marriage produced 13 children, including two future Magistrates, Benjamin Stanley Young, William Alfred Young and Arthur Herbert Young, and the historian Rosalind Amelia Young.

Rosalind Amelia Young was a historian from Pitcairn Islands.

Norfolk Islanders also referred to as just Islanders are the inhabitants or citizens of Norfolk Island, an external territory of Australia. The Islanders have their own unique identity and are predominantly people of Pitcairn and English descent and to a lesser extent of Scottish and Irish.


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