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Tian is a male given name of South African origin. Notable people with the name include:

Tian Carel Meyer is a South African rugby union player for the Cheetahs in the Pro14 and the Free State Cheetahs in the Currie Cup. He plays mostly as a scrum-half and occasionally as a centre.

Christian "Tian" Viljoen, is a former professional tennis player from South Africa. He enjoyed most of his tennis success while playing doubles. During his career he finished runner-up in doubles at three events. He achieved a career-high doubles ranking of world No. 49 in 1983.

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The Tian Shan, also known as the Tengri Tagh, meaning the Mountains of Heaven or the Heavenly Mountain, is a large system of mountain ranges located in Central Asia. The highest peak in the Tian Shan is Jengish Chokusu, at 7,439 metres (24,406 ft) high. Its lowest point is the Turpan Depression, which sits at 154 m (505 ft) below sea level.

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Tian Liang is a male Chinese actor and former diver.

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Jin is the Hanyu pinyin transliteration of a number of Chinese surnames. The most common one, Jīn 金, literally means "gold" and is 29th in the list of "Hundred Family Surnames". As of 2006, it is ranked the 64th most common Chinese surname.

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Pang Ji, courtesy name Yuantu, was an official and adviser serving under the warlord Yuan Shao during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China.

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A large number of people of European heritage in South Africa are descended from Huguenots. Most of these originally settled in the Cape Colony, but were absorbed into the Afrikaner and Afrikaans-speaking population, because they had religious similarities to the Dutch colonists.

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Li Baochen (李寶臣), originally named Zhang Zhongzhi (張忠志), courtesy name Weifu (為輔), known as An Zhongzhi (安忠志) during the Anshi Rebellion and Zhang Baochen (張寶臣) 778–779, formally the Prince of Longxi (隴西王), was a general of the Chinese rebel state Yan, who later submitted to and became a general of Tang Dynasty, from which Yan had rebelled. As was in the case of several other Yan generals who submitted to Tang but who had substantial army and territorial holdings, Li was allowed to retain his command and territory, semi-independent of the Tang imperial government structure.

Gio Giaan Aplon is a South African rugby union footballer for the South Africa national team and Toyota Verblitz in the Top League in Japan. He scored two tries in a 42–17 triumph against the Six Nations winner – France. The match was also his debut playing as a South African winger number 14.

Martin Johannes Bezuidenhout is a rugby union footballer who most recently played as a hooker with Super Rugby side the Southern Kings and Currie Cup side the Eastern Province Kings. He previously played for the Stormers in Super Rugby. In 2011–2012, he played with the Golden Lions in the Currie Cup and the Lions in Super Rugby.

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Tián (田), or T'ien in Wade-Giles, is the 34th most common Chinese surname. An alternative transliteration of "田" from Cantonese is Tin. It appeared in the Hundred Family Surnames text from the early Song Dynasty. It also means "field".

Lu (surname 陸) Chinese surname Lu 陸/陆 (pinyin:Lù)

Lu is the pinyin and Wade–Giles romanization of the Chinese surname written 陆 in simplified character and 陸 in traditional character. It is also spelled Luk or Loke according to the Cantonese pronunciation. Lu 陆 is the 61st most common surname in China, shared by 4.2 million people. Most people with the surname live in southern China; 44% live in just two provinces: Jiangsu and Guangxi. Lu 陸 is listed 198th in the Song Dynasty classic text Hundred Family Surnames.

Christian Francois Schoeman is a South African rugby union player for the Cheetahs in Pro14 and the Free State Cheetahs in the Currie Cup. His regular position is fly-half.

Schoeman is a South African surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Tian Koekemoer is a South African cricketer. He made his first-class debut for Eastern Province in the 2015–16 Sunfoil 3-Day Cup on 8 October 2015. In September 2018, he was named in Eastern Province's squad for the 2018 Africa T20 Cup.

Meiring is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: