Tibor Szabó

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Tibor Szabó may refer to:

Iván Madarász is a Hungarian composer.

Tibor Szabó is a professional Hungarian football midfielder.

Tibor Lewis Szabo is an English former footballer who played in the Football League as a forward for Bradford City.

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Szabó is a common Hungarian surname, meaning "tailor". In Czech and Slovak, a female form is Szabová. People with this name include:

Tibor Nyilasi is a retired Hungarian football player and manager. He signed with Ferencvaros in 1972 and played there until transferring to Austria Vienna in 1983. For the Hungarian National Football Team he made 70 appearances from 1975 to 1985, scoring 32 goals. He played in the 1978 FIFA World Cup and the 1982 FIFA World Cup. After he retired as a player he was manager of Ferencvaros. He has more recently also worked for the Hungarian Football Federation and is regularly appearing as a pundit on the Hungarian sports channel 'Sport TV'.

Iron Flower is a 1958 Hungarian drama film directed by János Herskó. It was entered into the 1958 Cannes Film Festival.

Magyar vándor is a 2004 Hungarian action comedy film directed by Gábor Herendi and starring Károly Gesztesi, János Gyuriska and Gyula Bodrogi.

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Yesterday is a 1959 Hungarian drama film directed by Márton Keleti. It was entered into the 1st Moscow International Film Festival.

Péter Szabó was a Hungarian football manager and former player.