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Economy of Taiwan National economy of Taiwan

The economy of Taiwan is a highly developed free-market economy. It is the 8th largest in Asia and 18th-largest in the world by purchasing power parity, allowing Taiwan to be included in the advanced economies group by the International Monetary Fund. It is gauged in the high-income economies group by the World Bank. Taiwan is the most technologically advanced computer microchip maker in the world.

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National Cheng Kung University (NCKU; Chinese: 國立成功大學/成大; pinyin: Guólì Chénggōng Dàxué; Wade–Giles: Kuo2-li4 Ch'eng2-kung1 Ta4-hsüeh2; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Kok-li̍p Sêng-kong Tāi-ha̍k) is a public research university located in Tainan, Taiwan. The university is best known for engineering, computer science, medicine, and planning and design.

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National Sun Yat-sen University University in Taiwan

National Sun Yat-sen University is a public research-intensive university renowned as an official think tank scholars' community, located in Sizihwan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and Pratas Island in the South China Sea. NSYSU is listed as one of seven national research universities, and one of four universities that make up the Taiwan Comprehensive University System, a research-led university alliance in Taiwan. With AACSB and CFA accredited and the No.1 maritime management program in Asia, the NSYSU College of Management is among the best in East Asia, and the College of Marine Sciences is the oldest and highest ranked in Taiwan.

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Energy in Taiwan

Taiwan relies on imports for almost 98% of its energy in 2016, which leaves the island's energy supply vulnerable to external disruption. In order to reduce this dependence, the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Bureau of Energy has been actively promoting energy research at several universities since the 1990s.

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology University in Taipei. Taiwan

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, or TaiwanTech (臺科大), is a public university located in Taipei, Taiwan. TaiwanTech was established in 1974 as the National Taiwan Institute of Technology (國立臺灣工業技術學院), as the first and the leading higher education institution within Taiwan's technical and vocational education system. TaiwanTech is one of Asia's 10th rank as the best institute in science and technology.

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