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LArc-en-Ciel Japanese rock band

L'Arc-en-Ciel is a Japanese rock band, formed in Osaka in 1991 by bassist tetsuya and vocalist hyde. Following the departure of original members hiro and pero, guitarist ken and drummer sakura were recruited to replace them in 1992 and 1993, respectively. While they first got their start as a visual kei band, L'Arc-en-Ciel have not had any association with the movement since their major label debut in 1994. sakura left the band in 1997 and was replaced by yukihiro in January 1998, completing the current line-up.

A kiss is a touch with the lips, usually to express love or affection, or as part of a greeting.

Hyde (musician) Musical artist

Hideto Takarai, known by his stage name Hyde, is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. Best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel since 1991, he is also the lead vocalist of Vamps and has a solo career.

Sons of All Pussys was a Japanese rock band. Formed in 2002 by Ken, his former L'Arc-en-Ciel bandmate Sakura, and German born model Ein.

Yasunori Sakurazawa, known by his stage name Sakura, is a Japanese musician. He is perhaps best known as former drummer of the rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel from 1993 to 1997. After leaving them he formed the supergroup Zigzo, the trio Sons of All Pussys, and his solo project Lion Heads. Currently Sakura performs with the bands Rayflower, the reformed Zigzo, The Madcap Laughs, and Gibkiy Gibkiy Gibkiy.

<i>Dune</i> (LArc-en-Ciel album) 1993 studio album by LArc-en-Ciel

Dune is the debut album by Japanese rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel. It was released by the independent label Danger Crue Records, first in a limited edition on April 10, 1993 and followed by a regular edition on April 27, which contained an additional tenth track. The regular edition reached number 1 on the Oricon indies chart on May 10.

<i>Tierra</i> (LArc-en-Ciel album) 1994 studio album by LArc-en-Ciel

Tierra is the second studio album by L'Arc-en-Ciel, released on July 14, 1994.

Acid Android is the solo project of Yukihiro, drummer of the Japanese rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel. They are signed to yukihiro's Tracks on Drugs label, a division of Ki/oon Records. Acid Android releases, as with the other L'Arc-en-Ciel members' solo projects, take place when they are on hiatus. To date Acid Android has released three albums, one mini album and EP, two singles, and three live DVDs. The band, in contrast to L'Arc-en-Ciel, uses a harder, faster sound, more stage-lighting and mechanics to further energize their concerts.

Tetsuya (musician) Japanese musician (born 1969)

Tetsuya is a Japanese musician, best known as the leader and bassist of the rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel. Formerly known by the stage name tetsu, he started using his birth name professionally on December 1, 2009. While in L'Arc-en-Ciel his name is stylized as tetsuya, whereas in his solo work it is stylized as TETSUYA.

Ken is a musician and singer-songwriter, best known as guitarist of the Japanese rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel. He is also the leader, vocalist and guitarist of Sons of All Pussys and has released a solo album entitled In Physical. While in L'Arc-en-Ciel his name is stylized as ken.

The discography of L'Arc-en-Ciel, a rock band from Osaka, Japan, formed in 1991. The group has sold over 13 million albums, 16 million singles, and millions of merchandise, including home videos. In 2003, L'Arc-en-Ciel were ranked 58 on HMV Japan's list of the top 100 Japanese pop artists.

Yukihiro, stylized as yukihiro and previously stylized as YUKIHIRO, is a Japanese musician, best known as drummer of the rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel. He also sings and plays bass for his solo project, Acid Android. Before joining L'Arc-en-Ciel he was in the popular visual kei bands Zi:Kill and Die in Cries.

Ready Steady Go (LArc-en-Ciel song) 2004 single by LArc-en-Ciel

"Ready Steady Go" is the twenty-third single by L'Arc-en-Ciel, released on February 4, 2004; it reached number 1 on the Oricon chart. The four alternate versions on the single omit each titular band member's contributions; for instance, the "Hydeless Version" features none of hyde's vocals, while the "Yukihiroless Version" has no percussion whatsoever.

"Niji" is the eighth single by Japanese rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel, released on October 17, 1997. It reached number 3 on the Oricon chart. It was their first release after Sakura's arrest and Yukihiro joining as the band's support drummer. The title track was used as the opening theme of the animated movie Rurouni Kenshin: Requiem for the Ishin Shishi, making them the only artist to contribute more than one song to the franchise. The single was re-released on August 30, 2006. The song is one of the band's signature songs, often played at the end of concerts.

Punk's Not Dead may refer to:

Hurry Xmas 2007 single by LArc-en-Ciel

"Hurry Xmas" is the thirty-fourth single by L'Arc-en-Ciel, released on November 14, 2007. There are two editions of the original single, a regular and s special edition. The special edition was packaged in a gift box, includes a DVD with two music videos for the A-side and B-side, a photograph of the band, and a Christmas ornament.

<i>Butterfly</i> (LArc-en-Ciel album)

Butterfly is the twelfth album by the Japanese rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel. It was released on February 8, 2012, in two versions: regular and limited editions, with the latter including the first album by their alter ego band P'unk-en-Ciel, titled P'unk Is Not Dead, and a DVD. The album is also set to be released in several European countries, starting on March 5, 2012, with the United Kingdom and finishing on March 17 with Spain and Poland.

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