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Tijn Docter (born 25 April 1972 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch actor.

After graduating from Toneelacademie (Academy of Dramatic Arts) in Maastricht he played in various Dutch films. He played in 06/05 (2005) directed by Theo van Gogh, Zus & Zo by Paula van der Oest and Loverboy (2003) by Lodewijk Crijns. He was directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk for the films Johan (2005) and Bruno & Violet (2002, KRO). In 2006 Tijn starred in De Uitverkorene by Theu Boermans and he played the main character Giph in the film Ik Omhels Je Met 1000 Armen directed by Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen. Tijn not only acts in films, but also for TV series and in theaters.

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Total loss is a 2000 Dutch drama film directed by Dana Nechushtan.

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Docter is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

The Committee for Jewish Refugees was a Dutch charitable organization that operated from 1933 to 1941. At first, it managed the thousands of Jewish refugees who were fleeing the Nazi regime in Germany. These refugees were crossing the border from Germany into the Netherlands. The committee largely decided which of the refugees could remain in the Netherlands. The others generally returned to Germany. For the refugees permitted to stay, it provided support in several ways. These included direct financial aid and assistance with employment and with further emigration.

Tijn Smolenaars is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for Jong PSV in the Eerste Divisie as a goalkeeper.