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Tikhomirov may refer to:

Tikhomirov (crater) lunar crater

Tikhomorov is the heavily eroded remains of a lunar impact crater on the Moon's far side. It lies to the northeast of the smaller crater Konstantinov, and to the southwest of Trumpler. Farther to the west-northwest is Mare Moscoviense, one of the few maria on the far side of the Moon.

Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design Russian developer of weaponry control systems

JSC V.V. Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design is a joint stock company, one of the major Russian enterprises in the development of weaponry control systems for fighter planes and mobile medium range anti-aircraft SAM defense vehicles.

Tikhomirov is a Russian surname, which may refer to:

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Trumpler (lunar crater) lunar crater

Trumpler is a lunar impact crater on the far side of the Moon, named after Swiss-American astronomer Robert Julius Trumpler (1886–1956). It lies just to the south of the crater Nušl, and northwest of Freundlich. To the southwest is the heavily battered crater Tikhomirov.

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Orlov (masculine) or Orlova (feminine) is a Russian surname derived from the word орёл. It may refer to:

Igor Tikhomirov is a Canadian épée fencer.

Lev Tikhomirov Russian philosopher

Lev Alexandrovich Tikhomirov, originally a Russian revolutionary and one of the members of the Executive Committee of the Narodnaya Volya, following his disenchantment with violent revolution became one of the leading conservative thinkers in Russia. He authored several books on monarchism, Orthodoxy, and Russian political philosophy.

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Victor Vasilievitch Tikhomirov was an outstanding Soviet engineer and scientist in the fields of radio electronics and automation. He was a corresponding member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, three times a laureate of the Stalin Prize, and was awarded two Orders of Lenin and other orders and medals. He led development of the first full radar system in the USSR.

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