Tiki Boyd's

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Tiki Boyd's
Tiki bar
Founded2005 (2005)
Founder Boyd Rice
Area served
Capitol Hill (Denver)
Parent Ramada Denver Downtown

Tiki Boyd's was a tiki bar in Denver, Colorado in operation from 2005 to 2006. Experimental sound/noise musician Boyd Rice designed the bar, revamping the bar originally known as the East Coast Bar located in the Ramada Denver Downtown. [1] A tiki enthusiast, Rice provided art from his personal collection for the bar. [2] Rice is also a tiki scholar, having written an essay for Martin McIntosh's book, Taboo: The Art of Tiki. [3] Lorin Partridge, a friend of Rice, tended the bar, and the bar was known for a drink called a Bronze Serpent. [1] [4] The music was played exclusively from vinyl including records by Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman, also from Rice's collection. [1] [2]



Heart o' Denver Motor Hotel - Aug 1975 Heart o' Denver Motor Hotel - Aug 1975.jpg
Heart o' Denver Motor Hotel - Aug 1975

Historically, site of the Ramada in which Tiki Boyd's was located used to be the Heart o' Denver Motor Hotel (1960-1975), which featured a bar called the Tiki Bar. [5] [6] Eli Hedley, the man who popularized the beachcomber aesthetic, designed the tiki lounge at the motor hotel. [5] [7] The site is also historically noteworthy for being located on Colfax Avenue, the longest commercial street in the United States of America. [8]


Tiki Boyd's changed names, themes, and management in early 2006, when Boyd Rice withdrew his support, decorations, and music collection from the bar. [2]

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