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1876 United States presidential election 1876 election in the US

The 1876 United States presidential election was the 23rd quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 7, 1876. It was one of the most contentious and controversial presidential elections in American history, and is known for being the catalyst for the end of Reconstruction. Republican nominee Rutherford B. Hayes faced Democrat Samuel J. Tilden. After a controversial post-election process, Hayes was declared the winner.

Samuel J. Tilden 19th-century American politician

Samuel Jones Tilden was the 25th Governor of New York and the Democratic candidate for president in the disputed election of 1876. He was the first individual to win an outright majority of the popular vote in a United States presidential election but lose the election itself, though four other candidates have lost a presidential election despite garnering a plurality of the popular vote.

Bill Tilden American tennis player

William Tatem Tilden II, nicknamed "Big Bill," was an American male tennis player. He is often considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Tilden was the World No. 1 player for six years from 1920 through 1925. He won 15 Major singles titles including ten Grand Slam events, one World Hard Court Championships and four professional majors. He was the first American to win Wimbledon in 1920. He also won a record seven U.S. Championships titles.

Tilden, Texas Census-designated place in Texas, United States

Tilden is a Census-designated place (CDP) and county seat of McMullen County, Texas, United States.

Vincent Richards US tennis player

Vincent "Vinnie" Richards was an American tennis player. He was active in the early decades of the 20th century, particularly known as being a superlative volleyer. He was ranked World No. 2 both as an amateur in 1924 by A. Wallis Myers, and as a pro by American Lawn Tennis magazine in 1930.

Bill Johnston (tennis) American tennis player

William Marquitz "Little Bill" Johnston was a former World No. 1 American tennis champion.

Douglas Tilden American sculptor

Douglas Tilden was an American sculptor. He was deaf from a bout of scarlet fever at the age of four and attended the California School for the Deaf in Berkeley, California. He sculpted many statues that are located today throughout San Francisco, Berkeley, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

George Thomas Tilden was an American architect active in Boston, Massachusetts.

Thematic interpretation is an approach to heritage interpretation originally advocated by Professor William J. Lewis and subsequently developed by Professor Sam H. Ham. In the thematic approach, an interpreter relies on a central theme to guide development of a communication activity or device. In presenting the activity or device, the thematic interpreter develops the theme in such a way that it will be highly relevant to an audience. According to studies, presenting a strongly relevant theme greatly increases the likelihood an interpreter will succeed in provoking an audience to think about theme-related issues.

Samuel J. Tilden High School

Samuel J. Tilden High School is a New York City public high school in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York City. It was named for Samuel J. Tilden, the former governor of New York State and presidential candidate who, although carrying the popular vote, lost to Rutherford B. Hayes in the disputed election of 1876.

Charles Lee Tilden American businessman

Charles Lee Tilden was an attorney and businessman in the San Francisco Bay Area who served on the first Board of Directors of the East Bay Regional Park District. One of the first three parks in the District was named for him: Tilden Regional Park.

The 1880 Democratic National Convention was held June 22 to 24, 1880, at the Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio, and nominated Winfield S. Hancock of Pennsylvania for President and William H. English of Indiana for Vice President in the United States presidential election of 1880.

Paschall, Philadelphia Neighborhood of Philadelphia in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States

Paschall is a neighborhood in Southwest Philadelphia, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It is located in the vicinity of Cobbs Creek Park and Chester Avenue.

The Root-Tilden-Kern Scholarship is a full-tuition public service scholarship for students at New York University School of Law. It is widely considered to be the most prestigious public interest scholarship for law students in the country.

Tilden High School (Chicago) Public secondary school in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Edward Tilden Career Community Academy High School is a public 4–year high school bordered between the Canaryville and Fuller Park neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, United States. Opened in Chicago as Lake High School in 1889, Tilden is operated by the Chicago Public Schools district.

Brad Tilden American businessman

Bradley D. Tilden is an American business executive. He is the chief executive officer, chairman and president of Alaska Air Group, the parent company of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. Before becoming the company's CEO in 2012, Tilden served as Alaska Airlines president, and before that as Alaska Air Group's chief financial officer. He is a commercial pilot and holds multi-engine and instrument ratings.

William T. Tilden Middle School United States historic place

William T. Tilden Middle School is a historic middle school located in the Paschall neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is part of the School District of Philadelphia. The building was designed by Irwin T. Catharine and built in 1926–1927. It is a three-story, 11 bay, brick and limestone building in the Late Gothic Revival-style. It features projecting end bays with one-story entrances, brick piers, and a crenellated parapet.

Nina Tilden, one of the two opposition stern-wheel steamboats that ran on the Colorado River from 1864 to 1868. Purchased by George A. Johnson Company it ran on the Colorado River from 1868 until 1874.

Edward Thomas Mieszkowski was an American football tackle who played two seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers of the All-America Football Conference. He was drafted by the Boston Yanks in the seventh round of the 1946 NFL Draft. He played college football at the University of Notre Dame and attended Tilden High School in Chicago, Illinois.

Bryanston High School is a public co-educational high school, in Bryanston, Johannesburg.