Till Death Do Us Part (X-Men)

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"Till Death Do Us Part"
X-Men episodes
Episode nos.Season 2
Episodes 14-15
Written byMark Edward Edens
Michael Edens
Production code201-202
Original air datesPart 1: October 23, 1993
Part 2: October 30, 1993
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"The Final Decision"
"Whatever It Takes"
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"Till Death Do Us Part" is a two-part episode of the animated television series X-Men .



Till Death Do Us Part, Part 1

The episode begins with Wolverine in the Danger Room training against robots that look like Cyclops, clad in a tuxedo. Meanwhile, Jean Grey and Cyclops are getting married. Jean throws the bouquet for the girls (Jubilee attempts to restrain Rogue from flying and cheating), but the flowers fall on top of a box that Beast was carrying.

After the wedding is over, the reverend transforms back into Morph. He is still deeply disturbed at the fact that he was left behind to die (this happened in the Night of the Sentinels (Part 2) episode after he was shot and the X-Men thought he was dead). Still clad in her wedding gown, Jean goes to the Danger Room and apologizes to Wolverine.

The president pardons Beast of all the charges against him and he is released from prison. Graydon Creed, who is the leader of Friends of Humanity, sends in one of his men dressed up as a mutant to terrorize everyone. Soon the Friends of Humanity start anti-mutant riots.

Morph is appalled by this and does not really desire revenge on his former allies, but he has developed a split personality with his evil personality being dominant. He poses as Magneto and sends a fake distress call to Professor X, saying he needs his help and is in some kind of trouble in Antarctica. So, Xavier goes after him alone and tells the X-Men it's a personal matter.

Gambit, Beast and Wolverine go to a bar to play pool, where the Friends of Humanity attack them. Clayton Creed records the attack on video and uses the footage to slander Beast, as he appeared to be involved in a riot and terrorizing civilians. Wolverine gets mad at hearing this and goes out for a drive.

Morph transforms into Wolverine and gets inside the X-Mansion. He then transforms into Rogue and tells Gambit that she is able to touch other people. Gambit unwittingly later goes up to the real Rogue, kisses her, and falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, Morph transforms into Storm and tells Jubilee to go to a place to protect some mutants. It was a trap, as Morph had sent her to the headquarters of Friends of Humanity, where she was recognized and caught.

After hearing of another riot, Storm and Rogue go to stop them. Storm was badly injured when Morph transforms into the police chief and orders everyone to shoot her. Storm is taken away in an ambulance. Mister Sinister is revealed to be monitoring the whole process and then the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

Till Death Do Us Part, Part 2

The episode starts off with Cyclops and Jean Grey on a sailboat headed for an island. Meanwhile, Beast is getting attacked by the Danger Room, but is eventually able to stop it. Morph, outside of the X-Mansion, feels as if he belongs there. Mister Sinister approaches him, and convinces him to turn back to his evil side. He then states that Cyclops and Jean Grey will be his.

Cyclops and Jean Grey, enjoying their vacation, are interrupted by Ruckus, who tears their ship apart with his supersonic screams. The rest of the Nasty Boys ambush the pair, and slip the power-dampering collars on them, while Mister Sinister introduces himself. Rogue and Beast, back in New York City, sneak into the hospital where Storm is. Rogue feels remorse over not staying with her, and then blames Beast. A doctor eventually comes in and notices the two standing by Storm, rushing away to get security. At the Friends of Humanity rally, Graydon Creed brings out Jubilee, and the group plan on murdering her. Wolverine bursts through a skylight and takes out the men, saving Jubilee and escaping.

Beast and Rogue return to the mansion to find Gambit, who is recovering from kissing Rogue. Professor X appears, as do Wolverine and Jubilee. Wolverine's keen sense of smell allows him to realise that Professor X is actually Morph in disguise. When he tries to inform the others, the "professor" orders the X-Men to stop him and then destroy him. Beast and Rogue restrain Wolverine from attacking the professor. Gambit finds it suspicious that the professor would use the phrase "destroy him" and he charges a card and throws it at the professor's wheelchair. The "professor" immediately runs out of the wheelchair, but the card does not explode as Gambit had only charged it to a low level. Morph realises Gambit tricked him into revealing himself and his cover is blown - he reveals his true form and the X-Men see Morph is still alive.

Later, Wolverine and Jubilee find Morph trying to escape in the X-Jet carrier. Wolverine tries to reason with Morph and he explains why he got left behind and that Wolverine went back to look for him. Morph remains unmoved and he shapeshifts into Wolverine, attacking him. Jubilee is unsure which Wolverine is real and she accidentally blasts the real one, allowing Morph to escape in the jet.

Jubilee visits Storm at the hospital and tells her of Morph's return. Meanwhile, Morph lands on the island and returns to Mister Sinister. Cyclops is shocked to see him alive, but Morph reveals he is back for revenge and was the minister that married him and Jean Grey. He continues to blame Cyclops for leaving him behind and prepares to shoot him, but is stopped by Mister Sinister. As he explains how he found Morph, the X-Men enter.

The Nasty Boys immediately attack, Ruckus' scream blasting them out of the facility. Wolverine battles Hairbag, while Rogue fights Slab. Gorgeous George apprehends Gambit and attempts to rip him apart, but is flung away by Rogue. Ruckus is eventually defeated by Beast, and the X-Men prepare to battle Mister Sinister. Cyclops tries to convince Morph he's still an X-Man. Morph then confronts and shoots Mister Sinister, but he is unaffected. Cyclops, enraged, is able to break out of his restraints, saves Jean, and blasts Mister Sinister. He groans in agony, and begs Ruckus to get the plane. The Nasty Boys grab Sinister and flee in a jet.

Cyclops and Jean Grey vow to get properly married again one day. Morph escapes, while Wolverine vows to find him - remembering Morph as the only person that could make him laugh.

In Antarctica, Professor X finds Magneto, both confused. An avalanche occurs and swallows both men.

References to other media

During the flashback scene images of Cyclops' past, a shot of him wearing a classic yellow & blue style X-Men uniform, and fighting the Super-Adaptoid (a green robot with the powers of the original "Marvel Comics' The Avengers") is a scene based out of Uncanny X-Men issue #29. [1] As Morph changes back into true form outside the X-Men Mansion, he makes reference to a 1990s Saturday Night Live skit as he says, "Making copies."


Following Morph's death in the pilot episode after being struck by a Sentinel, the character became extremely popular and re-appeared in the second season under demand from fans. However, this was not initially planned and it was originally intended that Morph's character continued to be presumed dead by the X-Men throughout the series. [2]


Toon Zone published a review covering both chapters, describing the episode mostly positively, its only critical point being the episodes' conclusion. [3] Both chapters of the episode have an entry on Rotten Tomatoes. [4]

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