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Tim Berry may refer to:

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Kinsella Surname list

Kinsella is a surname of Gaelic, i.e. Irish, origin, developed from the original form Cinnsealach, meaning "proud". The Kinsella sept is native in part of the modern County Wexford in Leinster, a district formerly called the Kinsellaghs. The oldest documentary mention of the surname appears in the "Ancient Records of Leinster", dated to 1170, where the son of the King of Leinster is named as Enna Cinsealach. Originally pronounced "KIN səl la", it is also often found pronounced "kən SEL lə".

Steve Berry, Steven Berry or Stephen Berry may refer to:

Tim, Timmy or Timothy Ryan may refer to:

Paterson is a Scottish and Irish surname meaning "Fathers' son" or "son of Patrick". In Connacht, and Ulster, the name is considered to be an Anglicised form of the Irish language surname Ó Casáin. Paterson is rarely used as a given name. There are other spellings, including Patterson. Notable people with the surname include:

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George Berry may refer to:

Kelleher is an anglicized spelling of the Irish surname derived from Ó Céileachair, meaning "descendant of Céileachar"; Céileachar as a personal name means "spouse-loving", "companion dear", or "lover of company". Kelleher is variably translated from Irish as "Kelliher", "Kellegher" and "Keller".

John Berry may refer to:

David or Dave Berry may refer to:

Tim Berry (entrepreneur)

Tim Berry is an American entrepreneur and published business author. He is the founder and chairman of Palo Alto Software and bplans.com.

Dale is a given name.

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