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Tim Bowles may refer to:

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Timothy Bowles is an American attorney who served as general legal counsel for the Church of Scientology International for eight years. In addition to his legal practice, he also serves as the executive director of Youth for Human Rights International, is a Commissioner on the Board of Advisors of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights and has helped establish other social organizations sponsored by the Church of Scientology, including Narconon and Applied Scholastics.

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Tim Cain is an American video game developer.

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Considine is an Irish surname anglicised from the Gaelic form Mac Consaidín meaning "son of Consaidín" being derived from a foreign Christian name; meaning "son of Constantine". The family were based in Kingdom of Thomond, much of which later became County Clare. The ancestor of the family was Consaidín Ua Briain, a Bishop of Killaloe who died in 1194 and who was the son of Toirdhealbhach mac Diarmada Ua Briain. Notable people with the surname include:

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">2009 Virginia gubernatorial election</span> Election for the governorship of the U.S. state of Virginia

The 2009 Virginia gubernatorial election took place in Virginia on November 3, 2009. The incumbent Governor, Democrat Tim Kaine, was not eligible to run due to term limits established by the Virginia Constitution, though others in the state's executive branch were not restricted. Republican Bob McDonnell was elected as Governor as part of a Republican sweep. Republican Bill Bolling was reelected as lieutenant governor, and Republican Ken Cuccinelli was elected as attorney general. The winners were inaugurated on January 16, 2010, and served until January 11, 2014.

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Conway is a Welsh, Irish & Scottish surname. It can be an anglicized spelling of Conwy, of the Irish names Conbhuidhe or Ó Connmhacháin, or of the Scottish names Mac Conmheadha or Mac Connmhaigh.

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Ronald Torbert American football official

Ronald Torbert is an American football official currently working for the National Football League (NFL), and has been since the 2010 NFL season. He wears uniform number 62.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">2018 Minnesota gubernatorial election</span> Election for the governorship of the U.S. state of Minnesota

The 2018 Minnesota gubernatorial election took place on November 6, to elect the 41st Governor of Minnesota as incumbent Democratic governor Mark Dayton chose not to run for re-election for a third term. The Democratic nominee was congressman Tim Walz from Minnesota's 1st congressional district while the Republicans nominated Hennepin County commissioner Jeff Johnson. The Independence Party of Minnesota didn't field a candidate for the first time since 1994. Going into the election the polls showed Walz ahead and the race was characterized as lean or likely DFL.

Kearney or Kearneys is an Irish surname.

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