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Tim or Timothy Brooks may refer to:

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Terry is both a masculine and feminine given name, derived directly from French Thierry and eventually from Theodoric. It can also be used as a diminutive nickname for the given names Teresa or Theresa (feminine) or Terence or Lefteris (masculine).

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Jeff</span> Name list

Jeff is a masculine name, often a short form (hypocorism) of the English given name Jefferson or Jeffrey, which comes from a medieval variant of Geoffrey. Jeff is especially used in the United States and Canada.

Rocker or rockers may refer to:

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A cobra is any of several species of snake usually belonging to the family Elapidae.

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Vincent is a male given name derived from the Roman name Vincentius, which is derived from the Latin word vincere.

Chris Adams may refer to:

Storm is an English, German, Dutch, and Scandinavian surname and may refer to:

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tim (given name)</span> Given name most often associated with males

Tim is a name, originally a short form of Timothy. It is a version of the Greek name Τιμόθεος (Timόtheos) meaning one who honours God, from τιμή "honour" and θεός "god". Tim is a common name in several countries.