Tim Burns

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Tim Burns may refer to:



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Robert Johnson (1911–1938) was an American blues singer and guitarist.

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The surname Stearns is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Stierne, which meant severe or strict. Variations include Stearn, Sterne and Stern. It may refer to the following.

Timothy Burns was an American politician and the Democratic third Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin from 1851 until his death while in office in 1853.

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Events from the year 1853 in Ireland.

Doucet Surname list

Doucet is a French language surname, especially popular in Canada, the former area of Acadia in particular.

The surname Burns has several origins. In some cases it derived from the Middle English or Scots burn, and originated as a topographic name for an individual who lived by a stream. In other cases the surname is a variant form of the surname Burnhouse, which originated as habitational name, derived from a place name made up of the word elements burn and house. In other cases the surname Burns originated as a nickname meaning "burn house". In other cases, the surname Burns is an Anglicised form of the Irish Ó Broin, which means "descendant of Bran". In some cases the surname Burns is an Americanized form of the Jewish surname Bernstein, which is derived from the German bernstein ("amber").

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Snyder is an Anglicized occupational surname derived from Dutch Snijder "tailor", related to modern Dutch Snijders and Sneijder. It may also be an Anglicized spelling of the German Schneider or Swiss German Schnyder, which both carry the same meaning. A less common Anglicized spelling of the Dutch Snijder is Snider.

Spooner is an English surname of either Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Danish origin (Spøner). It may refer to: