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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Board of directors</span> Type of governing body for an organisation

A board of directors is an executive committee that jointly supervises the activities of an organization, which can be either a for-profit or a nonprofit organization such as a business, nonprofit organization, or a government agency.

Executive may refer to:

A vice president, also director in British English, is an officer in government or business who is below the president in rank. It can also refer to executive vice presidents, signifying that the vice president is on the executive branch of the government, university or company. The name comes from the Latin term vice meaning "in place of" and typically serves as pro tempore to the president. In some countries, the vice president is called the deputy president. In everyday speech, the abbreviation VP is used.

A chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest officer charged with the management of an organization – especially a company or nonprofit institution.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Roy E. Disney</span> Senior executive for The Walt Disney Company (1930–2009)

Roy Edward Disney KCSG was an American businessman. He was the longtime senior executive for the Walt Disney Company, which was founded by his uncle, Walt Disney, and his father, Roy O. Disney. At the time of his death, he held more than 16 million shares, and served as a consultant for the company, as director emeritus for the board of directors. During his tenure, he organized the ousting of two top Disney executives: Ron W. Miller in 1984 and Michael Eisner in 2005.

Chen Yi may refer to:

A non-executive director, independent director or external director is a member of the board of directors of a corporation, such as a company, cooperative or non-government organization, but not a member of the executive management team. They are not employees of the corporation or affiliated with it in any other way and are differentiated from executive directors, who are members of the board who also serve, or previously served, as executive managers of the corporation. However they do have the same legal duties, responsibilities and potential liabilities as their executive counterparts.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tim Wu</span> American legal scholar (born 1972)

Timothy "Tim" Shiou-Ming Wu is a Taiwanese American legal scholar who served as Special Assistant to the President for Technology and Competition Policy from 2021 to 2023. He was also a professor of law at Columbia University and a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times. He is known legally and academically for significant contributions to antitrust and communications policy, coining the phrase "network neutrality" in his 2003 law journal article, Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination. In the late 2010s, Wu was a leading advocate for an antitrust lawsuit directed at the breakup of Facebook.

Joel Marc Podolny is an American sociologist. Formerly the dean of the Yale School of Management, he is currently an executive at Apple Inc., where he is the dean of Apple University and a vice president of the firm. Previously, he was vice president for human resources.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">John S. Chen</span> American businessman

John S. Chen is a Hong Kong-American businessman serving as executive chairman and chief executive officer of BlackBerry Ltd. Previously, he served as the chief executive officer and president of Sybase, a software vendor specializing in data management, analytics, and mobility technology.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tim Armstrong (executive)</span> American businessman

Timothy M. Armstrong is an American business executive. He was formerly the CEO of Oath Inc., then a subsidiary of Verizon Communications that served as the umbrella company of its digital content subdivisions, including AOL and Yahoo!. Previously, he was the CEO of AOL Inc. from 2009 until its purchase by Verizon in 2015.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Edward M. Chen</span> American judge (born 1953)

Edward Milton Chen is a senior United States district judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and former United States magistrate judge of the same court.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">PayPal Mafia</span> Term for a group of former PayPal employees

The "PayPal Mafia" is a group of former PayPal employees and founders who have since founded and/or developed additional technology companies such as Tesla, Inc., LinkedIn, Palantir Technologies, SpaceX, Affirm, Slide, Kiva, YouTube, Yelp, and Yammer. Most of the members attended Stanford University or University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign at some point in their studies.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Chen Show Mao</span> Singaporean politician

Chen Show Mao is a Singaporean politician. A member of the opposition Workers' Party (WP), he was the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC representing Paya Lebar between 2011 and 2020.

Cachet Hospitality Group (CHG) is a lifestyle branding and management company based in New York.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Wong Chen</span> Malaysian politician

Wong Chen is a Malaysian politician and lawyer who has served as Non-executive Chairman of the Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV) since May 2023, Chairman of the International Relations and Trade Select Committee from December 2019 to May 2020 and again since May 2023 as well as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Subang since May 2018. He served as the MP for Kelana Jaya from May 2013 to May 2018. He was also a member of the Finance and Economy Select Committee. He is a member of the People's Justice Party (PKR), a component party of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition and formerly Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalitions.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tim Cook</span> American business executive, CEO of Apple Inc.

Timothy Donald Cook is an American business executive who has been the chief executive officer of Apple Inc. since 2011. Cook previously served as the company's chief operating officer under its co-founder Steve Jobs.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Jason Chen (businessman)</span> Chinese Entrepreneur

Jason Chen is the current chairman and CEO of Taiwan-based Acer Inc.

<i>The Rookie</i> (TV series) 2018 American police procedural television series

The Rookie is an American police procedural crime drama television series created by Alexi Hawley for ABC. The series follows John Nolan, a man in his forties, who becomes the oldest rookie at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The series is produced by ABC Signature and Entertainment One; it is based on real-life LAPD officer William Norcross, who moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and joined the department in his mid-40s.