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Lisa Lopes American hip hop singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer

Lisa Nicole Lopes, better known by her stage name Left Eye, was an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and dancer. Lopes was a member of the R&B girl group TLC, alongside Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas. Besides rapping and singing backing vocals on TLC recordings, Lopes was one of the creative forces behind the group. She received more co-writing credits than the other members. She also designed the outfits and staging for the group and contributed to the group's image, album titles, artworks, and music videos. Through her work with TLC, Lopes won four Grammy Awards.

Carlos López or Carlos Lopes may refer to:

Tim Raines American baseball player

Timothy Raines Sr., nicknamed "Rock", is an American professional baseball coach and former player. He played as a left fielder in Major League Baseball for six teams from 1979 to 2002 and was best known for his 13 seasons with the Montreal Expos. A seven-time All-Star and four-time stolen base champion, Raines is regarded as one of the best leadoff hitters and baserunners in baseball history. In 2013, Raines began working in the Toronto Blue Jays organization as a roving outfield and baserunning instructor. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017.

Davey Lopes American baseball player and manager

David Earle Lopes is an American former second baseman and manager in Major League Baseball (MLB). He batted and threw right-handed. He played in MLB for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics, Chicago Cubs, and Houston Astros; he managed the Milwaukee Brewers.

"Baseball's Sad Lexicon," also known as "Tinker to Evers to Chance" after its refrain, is a 1910 baseball poem by Franklin Pierce Adams. The eight-line poem is presented as a single, rueful stanza from the point of view of a New York Giants fan watching the Chicago Cubs infield of shortstop Joe Tinker, second baseman Johnny Evers, and first baseman Frank Chance complete a double play. These three players helped the Cubs win four National League championships and two World Series from 1906 to 1910.

Tim Kurkjian American baseball journalist

Timothy Bell Kurkjian is a Major League Baseball analyst on ESPN's Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter. He is also a contributor to ESPN The Magazine and ESPN.com.

Lopes Surname list

Lopes is a surname of Portuguese origin. It was originally a Patronymic, meaning Son of Lopo, itself being derived from Latin lupus, meaning wolf. Its Spanish equivalent is López, its Italian equivalent is Lupo, its French equivalent is Loup, and its Romanian equivalent is Lupu or Lupescu. Notable people with the surname include:

Tim, Timothy or Timmy Smith may refer to:

Tim Lincecum American baseball player

Timothy Leroy Lincecum is an American former professional baseball pitcher. He played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Angels (2016). A two-time Cy Young Award winner, Lincecum helped the Giants win three World Series championships from 2010 through 2014.

Timothy or Tim Johnson may refer to:

Timothy or Tim Hunt may refer to:

The 1973 Los Angeles Dodgers finished the season in second place in the Western Division of the National League with a record of 95-66.

Tim Lopes (journalist) Brazilian investigative reporter

Tim Lopes was a Brazilian investigative journalist and producer for the Brazilian television network Rede Globo. In 2002, the media reported him missing while working undercover on a story in one of Rio's favelas. It was later learned that Lopes had been accosted by drug traffickers who controlled the area, was kidnapped, driven to the top of a neighboring favela in the trunk of a car, tied to a tree and subjected to a mock trial, tortured by having his hands, arms, and legs severed with a sword while still alive, and then had his body placed within tires, covered in gasoline and set on fire—a practice that traffickers have dubbed micro-ondas.

Wesley is a name with an Anglo-Norman etymology. The "wes" portion of the name refers to the Western cardinal direction, while the word "lea" refers to a field, pasture, or other clearing in a forest. Thus, the name's origin refers to a "western lea," or a field to the west.

Alcántara (Spanish), Alcàntara (Catalan), Alcântara (Portuguese), and Alcantara (Sicilian) are surnames related to the Andalusian place name Alcántara, derived from Arabic for "the bridge".

Grand Canyon Antelopes baseball

The Grand Canyon Antelopes baseball team represents Grand Canyon University, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The Antelopes, also known as the Lopes, are an NCAA Division I college baseball program that competes in the Western Athletic Conference. They competed in Division I from 1991 to 1998, the final four seasons with the Western Athletic Conference, and returned in 2014 with the WAC.

López Surname list

López is a surname of Spanish origin. It was originally a patronymic, meaning "Son of Lope", Lope itself being a Spanish given name deriving from Latin lupus, meaning "wolf". The surname is first attested in Old Castile in the heart of Spain, where the name originated in Visigothic times; however, the name is not of Germanic origin. Its Portuguese and Galician equivalent is Lopes, its Italian equivalent is Lupo, its French equivalent is Loup, its Romanian equivalent is Lupu or Lupescu and its Catalan and Valencian equivalent is Llopis.

Christian Lopes American baseball player

Christian M. Lopes is an American professional baseball infielder in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization.

Tim Lopes (baseball) American baseball player

Timothy Aaron Lopes is an American professional baseball infielder for the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League baseball (MLB). He has previously played in MLB for the Seattle Mariners.