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Tim Smith
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Tim Smith is an Australian comedian, actor and writer.

Smith rose to prominence as part of The Comedy Company sketch comedy television series. He has also written for many other comedy series including Eagle & Evans .

He is best known as a breakfast radio personality, having been part of The Richard Stubbs Breakfast Show, Timbo & Bedders and The Cage, all on Triple M Melbourne. In 2006 and 2007, Tim joined Mix 101.1 to host the breakfast program with Tracy Bartram. The show was titled Tracy & Tim for Breakfast.

During an interview on the Plane Crazy Down Under show, Tim revealed how learning to fly had saved his life thanks to a flight medical revealing he had extremely high blood pressure. [1] He also discusses his love for outback Australia and his goals to establish a charter operation flying people around Australia to explore uncommon and remote areas. Many of these areas were locations he visited during his work on the Australian travel show, Discover Downunder. [2] [3]

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