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Davison is a patronymic surname, a contraction of Davidson, meaning "son of Davie ". There are alternate spellings, including those common in the British Isles and Scandinavia: Davisson, Daveson, Davidsson, and Davidsen. It is also common as a French, Portuguese, Czech, and Jewish surname. The name was common among Norse–Gaels in the 10th century, and may have been of Norse Viking origin, given that it is a patronymic surname.

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Gavin is a male given name originating from Scotland. It is a variation on the medieval name Gawain, meaning "God send" or "white hawk". Sir Gawain was a knight of King Arthur's Round Table. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an epic poem connected with King Arthur's Round Table. Gawain beheads the Green Knight who promptly replaces his head and threatens Gawain an identical fate the same time next year. Decapitation figures elsewhere: the Italian name Gavino (considered equivalent to Gavin) is the name of an early Christian martyr who was beheaded in 300 AD, his head being thrown in the Mediterranean Sea only later reunited and interred with his body.

Allen is a Celtic surname, originating in Ireland, and common in Scotland, Wales and England. It is a variation of the surname MacAllen and may be derived from two separate sources: Ailin, in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, means both "little rock" and "harmony", or it may also be derived from the Celtic Aluinn, which means "handsome". Variant spellings include Alan, Allan, etc. The noble family of this surname, from which a branch went to Portugal, is descended of one Alanus de Buckenhall.

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Goss is a Saxon surname meaning "goose". Notable people with the surname include:

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Aaron (given name) Name list

Aaron is a Hellenized Hebrew masculine given name. The 'h' phoneme in the original Hebrew pronunciation "Aharon" (אהרן) is dropped in the Greek, Ααρών, from which the English form, Aaron, is derived.

Bjorn, Björn, Bjørn, Beorn or, rarely, Bjôrn, Biorn, or Latinized Biornus, Brum (Portuguese), is a Scandinavian male given name, or less often a surname. The name means "bear". In Finnish and Finland Swedish, sometimes also in Swedish, the nickname Nalle refers to Björn.

Ward (surname) Surname list

Ward is an Old English origin and Old Gaelic origin surname, common in English-speaking countries.

Bryce is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

Kyle is a unisex English-language given name, derived from the Scottish Gaelic surname Kyle, which is itself from a region in Ayrshire.

Tim (given name) Name list

Tim is a name, originally a short form of Timothy. It is a version of the Greek name Τιμόθεος (Timόtheos) meaning one who honours God, from τιμή "honour" and θεός "god". Tim is a common name in several countries.

Notable people with the given name "Dillon" include: