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Tim Wilson may refer to:

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Kevin Smith is an American filmmaker, actor and comedian

James, Jim(mie), or Jimmy Walker may refer to:

The surname Collins has a variety of likely origins in Britain and Ireland:

  1. Anglo-Saxon: A patronymic surname based on the name Colin, an English diminutive form of Nicholas.
  2. Norse: From the Old Norse personal name "Kollungr" a form of "koli" which in Old English became 'Cola', meaning swarthy or dark.
  3. Irish: The medieval surname was Ua Cuiléin, which has usually become Ó Coileáin today.
  4. Welsh: Collen; hazel, hazel grove.

Gavin is a male given name. It is a variation on the medieval name Gawain, meaning "God send" or "white hawk". Sir Gawain was a knight of King Arthur's Round Table. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an epic poem connected with King Arthur's Round Table. Gawain beheads the Green Knight who promptly replaces his head and threatens Gawain an identical fate the same time next year. Decapitation figures elsewhere: the Italian name Gavino (considered equivalent to Gavin) is the name of an early Christian martyr who was beheaded in 300 AD, his head being thrown in the Mediterranean Sea only later reunited and interred with his body.

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Daniel or Dan Levy may refer to:

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‘’’Callan’’’ is a given name and surname of Irish and Scottish origin. It can derive from Ó Cathaláin, meaning descendant of Cathalán. Callan can also be an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Allin or Mac Callin. Notable people with the name include:

Lawrence is an English-language surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Kevin Wilson may refer to:

Burgess is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Cross is an English topographic surname for someone who lived on a road near a stone cross.

Rob is a masculine given name, frequently a shortened version (hypocorism) of Robert and Robin. It may refer to: