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Timbe may refer to:

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Da, DA, dA, and other variants may refer to:

Santa usually refers to the character Santa Claus, or Father Christmas.

Abi or ABI may refer to:

Me most often refers to:

Aby or ABY may refer to:

BLA or bla may refer to:

AFD may refer to:

Koro may refer to:

A premiere is the first artistic performance of theatrical, musical or other cultural presentations.

Zou or ZOU may refer to:

Masala or Massala may refer to:

Bodo may refer to:

Para may refer to:

Lakota may refer to:

Timbé, Ivory Coast Town and sub-prefecture in Vallée du Bandama, Ivory Coast

Timbé is a town in central Ivory Coast. It is a sub-prefecture of Katiola Department in Hambol Region, Vallée du Bandama District.

Katiola Department Department in Vallée du Bandama, Ivory Coast

Katiola Department is a department of Hambol Region in Vallée du Bandama District, Ivory Coast. In 2014, its population was 106,905 and its seat is the settlement of Katiola. The sub-prefectures of the department are Fronan, Katiola, and Timbé.

Bete language may refer to:

Ari may refer to:

Tinbe may refer to:

Zouk is a style of Caribbean music. It may also refer to: