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Timchenko is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

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Reznik is a surname derived from Czech řezník or ("butcher") or Yiddish reznik.

Kravchenko, also Krawchenko, Krawczenko or Kravtchenko is a common Ukrainian surname, widely found in the former Soviet Union and respective diasporas abroad. It is an occupational surname of patronymic derivation, based on the occupation of kravets (кравець), or 'tailor' and literally meaning "child of tailor". Other Ukrainian surnames of similar derivation are Kravchuk and Kravets.

Kovalchuk, Kavalchuk, Kowalczuk (Polish), Covalciuc (Moldovan/Romanian), also transliterated as Kowalchuk, is a common East Slavic surname. The Kovalchuk name extends back to before 1500 AD in Kievan Rus.

Tkachuk, Tkaczuk, or Tkatchuk is a common Ukrainian surname in Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora. The name in Ukrainian stands for the name of occupation, weaver. The names that end in -chuk or -czuk are of the western Ukrainian origin. Notable people with the surname include:

Kovalyov, often written as Kovalev, or its feminine variant Kovalyova, Kovaleva (Ковалёва), is a common Russian surname, an equivalent of the English surname Smithson. Due to the ambiguous status of the Cyrillic letter yo, the surname may be written with the Cyrillic letter ye instead, though literate Russian speakers always pronounce it yo.

Petrenko is a patronymic surname of Slavic origin derived from the first name Petro and effectively means of Peter/Peter's. Notable people with the surname include:

Tkachenko is a common Ukrainian surname. Tkachenko is the central and eastern Ukrainian version of the western Ukrainian surname Tkachuk, meaning "weaver". Like other Ukrainian names ending in -ko or -chenko, their heritage is rooted in the Polyans tribe that lived near modern-day Kyiv.

Kovalenko is a very common Ukrainian surname.

Tkach is a Slavic surname meaning "weaver". It is a common surname in Ukraine, as well as in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Serbia. Notable people with the surname include:

Lysenko or Lisenko is a Ukrainian surname. It most often refers to:

Melnychenko or Melnichenko is a surname of Ukrainian-language origin. Derived from мельник, it means descendant of a miller. It is common in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Notable people with the surname include:

Rudenko is a Ukrainian surname, derived from the adjective Ukrainian: рудий, which means 'red'. Notable people with the surname include:

Bondarev or Bondareva is a Russian surname, derived from the word "бондарь" (cooper). Notable people with the surname include:

Danylenko or Danilenko is a Ukrainian-language surname. Notable people with this surname include:

Shevtsov is a Russian-language surname derived from the Ukrainian term shvets for "cobbler/shoemaker", literally meaning "child of cobbler".

Stepanenko is a gender-neutral Ukrainian surname. It may refer to:

Stepanyuk or Stepaniuk is a gender-neutral Ukrainian surname that originates from the masculine given name Stepan. It may refer to

Koval is a Ukrainian surname. The word means "blacksmith", making "Koval" the equivalent of "Smith" in the English-speaking world. Notable people with the name include:

Vorona or Varona is a surname of East Slavic origin, meaning "crow". It may refer to:

Tymchenko is a Ukrainian surname. It derives from the Christian name Timothy, and its Ukrainian variant, Tymofiy. The surname, Tymchenko, was created by adding the Ukrainian patronymic suffix, -enko, meaning someone of Tymofiy, usually the son of Tymofiy. It may refer to the following individuals: