Time (Jakob Bro album)

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Genre Jazz
Label Loveland
Producer Jakob Bro
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Time is a studio album by Danish jazz guitarist Jakob Bro. The album is the second part of a trilogy which also includes Balladeering (2009) and December Song (2013). The trilogy was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2014.

Jakob Bro Guitarist, composer, bandleader

Jakob Bro is a Danish guitarist and composer.

<i>Balladeering</i> (album) 2009 studio album by Jakob Bro

Balladeering is a 2009 studio album by Danish jazz guitarist Jakob Bro.

Nordic Council Music Prize award

The Nordic Council Music Prize is awarded annually by NOMUS, the Nordic Music Committee. Every two years it is awarded for a work by a living composer. In the intervening years it is awarded to a performing musician or ensemble.


Track listing

  1. "Nat" (4:39)
  2. "Cirkler" (7:27)
  3. "A Simple Premise" (3:06)
  4. "Swimmer (5:22)
  5. "Northern Blues" (7:13)
  6. "Fiordlands" (4:15)
  7. "Yellow" (6.17)
  8. "Smaa Dyr" (3:32)


Bill Frisell American musician

William Richard Frisell is an American guitarist, composer and arranger. One of the leading guitarists in jazz since the late 1980s, Frisell came to prominence as a stalwart for ECM Records. He went on to work in a variety of contexts, notably as a member of the New York City Downtown Scene where he formed a long partnership with John Zorn. He was also a longtime member of Paul Motian's groups from the early 1980s until Motian's death in 2011. Since 2000, Frisell's eclectic output as a bandleader has emphasized folk, country music, and Americana.

Lee Konitz American jazz musician and composer

Lee Konitz is an American composer and alto saxophonist.

Thomas Morgan (bassist) American musician

Thomas Morgan is an American jazz musician in contemporary jazz.

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<i>Who Said Gay Paree</i> album by Jakob Bro

Who Said Gay Paree is a 2008 studio album by Danish jazz guitarist Jakob Bro.

<i>The Stars Are All New Songs</i> 2008 studio album by Jakob Bro

The Stars Are All New Songs is a studio album by Danish jazz guitarist Jakob Bro.

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