Time Regained

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Time Regained could refer to:

<i>In Search of Eddie Riff</i> album by Andy Mackay

In Search of Eddie Riff is an album by British musician Andy Mackay, first released on Island Records in 1974.

<i>Geschenk des Augenblicks – Gift of the Moment</i> 1984 studio album by Hans-Joachim Roedelius

Geschenk des Augenblicks – Gift of the Moment is the eleventh solo album by German keyboardist Hans-Joachim Roedelius, best known for his work with Cluster, Harmonia, and Aquarello.

<i>Time Regained</i> (film) 1998 film by Raúl Ruiz

Time Regained is a 1999 French drama film directed by the Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz. It is an adaptation of the final volume of In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. The plot is about the anonymous narrator of In Search of Lost Time who reflects on his past experiences while lying on his deathbed.

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Marcel Proust French novelist, critic, and essayist

Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust, known as Marcel Proust, was a French novelist, critic, and essayist best known for his monumental novel À la recherche du temps perdu, published in seven parts between 1913 and 1927. He is considered by critics and writers to be one of the most influential authors of the 20th century.

A fugitive is a person fleeing from arrest.

A soundtrack, also written sound track, can be recorded music accompanying and synchronized to the images of a motion picture, book, television program, or video game; a commercially released soundtrack album of music as featured in the soundtrack of a film, video, or television presentation; or the physical area of a film that contains the synchronized recorded sound.

<i>In Search of Lost Time</i> novel by Marcel Proust

In Search of Lost Time —previously also translated as Remembrance of Things Past—is a novel in seven volumes, written by Marcel Proust (1871–1922). It is considered to be his most prominent work, known both for its length and its theme of involuntary memory, the most famous example being the "episode of the madeleine" which occurs early in the first volume. It gained fame in English in translations by C. K. Scott Moncrieff and Terence Kilmartin as Remembrance of Things Past, but the title In Search of Lost Time, a literal rendering of the French, has gained usage since D. J. Enright adopted it for his revised translation published in 1992.

The Jayhawks American country and rock band

The Jayhawks are an American alternative country and country rock band that emerged from the Twin Cities music scene during the mid-1980s. Led by vocalists, guitarists and songwriters Gary Louris and Mark Olson, their country rock sound was influential on many bands who played the Twin Cities circuit during the 1980s and 1990s like Uncle Tupelo, the Gear Daddies and the Honeydogs. They have released ten studio albums with and without Olson who left the band in 1995, including five on the American Recordings label. On hiatus from 2005 to 2009, the 1994–1995 lineup of the band reunited, releasing the album, Mockingbird Time, in September 2011. After the tour, Mark Olson again left the band. After another hiatus in 2013, the 1997 lineup led by Louris reunited to play shows in 2014 to support the reissue of three albums released between 1997 and 2003. The band has remained active touring and recording since, including the release of the albums Live at The Belly Up in 2015, Paging Mr. Proust, produced by Peter Buck in 2016 and Back Roads and Abandoned Motels in 2018.

A prisoner is someone incarcerated in a prison, jail or similar facility.

<i>The Monty Python Instant Record Collection</i> 1977 compilation album by Monty Python

The Monty Python Instant Record Collection is actually the title of two compilation albums released by the Monty Python troupe - the first in the UK in 1977 drew from the group's first five Charisma albums, and the other in the US in 1981 which comprised tracks from their four Arista albums. It was billed as "the pick of the best of some recently repeated Python hits again, Vol. II." The record sleeve's original design was done by Terry Gilliam. It featured packaging that folded out into a cardboard box resembling a large stack of record albums. An inner sleeve featured a spoof "Where Are They Now?" update on the members of the Python team.

<i>Monty Pythons Previous Record</i> 1972 studio album by Monty Python

Monty Python's Previous Record is the third album by Monty Python. Released in 1972, it marked the group's first collaborations with regular sound engineer Andre Jacquemin and musician Neil Innes. It contains many sketches from the third series of Flying Circus, one from the second as well as an abridged version of "The Tale of Happy Valley" from the second German show. The album was released midway through the broadcast of Series 3, whose sketches featured on the album were all from its first half, with the exception of "Dennis Moore" which aired a month later and therefore made its debut here. The oldest sketch on the album, Eric Idle's "Radio Quiz Game", dates back to I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again where it was performed by Graeme Garden - Idle having subsequently performed the sketch himself on Do Not Adjust Your Set. The rest of the material was specially written for the album.

Stephen Hudson is a pseudonym of the British novelist and translator Sydney Schiff, whose work was published in the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s. With a substantial income from his commercially successful family, Schiff was a patron of the arts, with friendships in the musical, artistic and literary circles of England and France.

<i>Albertine disparue</i> book

Albertine disparue is the title of the sixth volume of Marcel Proust's seven part novel, À la recherche du temps perdu. It is also known as La Fugitive and The Sweet Cheat Gone.

Sodom and Gomorrah were infamous Biblical cities.

C. K. Scott Moncrieff Scottish writer

Charles Kenneth Scott Moncrieff, was a Scottish writer and translator, most famous for his English translation of most of Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu, which he published under the Shakespearean title Remembrance of Things Past. His family name is the double-barrelled name "Scott Moncrieff".

Celeste may refer to:

Madeleine may refer to:

Fifteen or 15 may refer to:

<i>The Million Dollar Hotel</i> (soundtrack) 2000 soundtrack album from the film The Million Dollar Hotel by various artists

The Million Dollar Hotel: Music from the Motion Picture is the soundtrack to the 2000 film The Million Dollar Hotel. The album was released alongside the film in March 2000, and featured Bono as its executive producer, with new music from U2 and other artists.

The Proust Questionnaire is a questionnaire about one's personality. Its name and modern popularity as a form of interview is owed to the responses given by the French writer Marcel Proust.

<i>Paging Mr. Proust</i> album by The Jayhawks

Paging Mr. Proust is the ninth studio album by the alt country band The Jayhawks, released in 2016.

The Vinteuil Sonata is a fictional musical work described in the novel sequence In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. The sonata features mainly in the section Un amour de Swann. The character Charles Swann associates a musical phrase in the piece with his love for Odette de Crécy.

It was on one of those days that [Odette] happened to play for me the passage in Vinteuil’s sonata that contained the little phrase of which Swann had been so fond. But often one hears nothing when one listens for the first time to a piece of music that is at all complicated ... For our memory, relatively to the complexity of the impressions which it has to face while we are listening, is infinitesimal, as brief as the memory of a man who in his sleep thinks of a thousand things and at once forgets them, or as that of a man in his second childhood who cannot recall a minute afterwards what one has just said to him...