Time Served

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Time Served
Directed by Glen Pitre
Written byMichael Melon
Paul Pompian
Produced byJohn H. Burrows
Ron De Rosa
Starring Catherine Oxenberg
Jeff Fahey
Louise Fletcher
James Handy
Bo Hopkins
CinematographyJeff Roberts
Edited byBarrett Taylor
Music by Joe Delia
Distributed by Trimark Pictures
Release date
  • 1999 (1999)
Running time
94 minutes
CountryUnited States

Time Served is a 1999 R-rated American prison film directed by Glen Pitre and starring Catherine Oxenberg, Jeff Fahey, Louise Fletcher, James Handy, and Bo Hopkins.


Foreign-language versions were produced in German (Ausgebeutet - Hölle hinter Gittern), in Spanish (Condenada sin ley), in Italian (Dietro le sbarre), and in Hungarian (Leszolgált idő).


Sarah McKinney (Catherine Oxenberg) is a nurse married to an abusive alcoholic. When he beats up both Sarah and their eight-year-old son Jason (Zach Gray), the boy uses his father's gun to shoot him dead. Sarah then claims to have pulled the trigger herself, and her attorney, Patrick Burlington (Jeff Fahey) warns her that she faces Judge William T. Engstrom III (James Handy), known as "Maximum Bill" for his long sentences. Convicted and sent to the Women's State Correctional Facility, she suffers lesbian assaults and Warden Mildred Reinecke (Louise Fletcher) bullies her into joining the work release program. This proves to be a strip club, where Sarah and the prisoners' services are enjoyed by none other than Judge Engstrom and his friends. Sarah sets out to blow the whistle, but being a helpless prisoner in the system has her at a disadvantage. [1]



The picture was filmed in the summer of 1998 in Chicago, Berwyn, and Melrose Park, all in Illinois.

It was R-rated for adult situations, language, nudity, and violence. [1] VideoHound called it a "typically sleazy women-in-prison movie". [2]


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