Time Sharing (novel)

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Time Sharing is a 1986 novel by Richard Krawiec, published by Viking Press. Taking place in Boston, its main characters are Artie, a purse-snatcher, and Jolene, a single mother. Artie hopes that by pretending to befriend Jolene he can profit from her. Jolene tries to see good in Artie and hopes he can act as a father for her son, Dandy. In time, Artie genuinely cares for Jolene. The novel ends moments after Artie accidentally shoots a cashier in a holdup. As he waits to be apprehended, Artie feels no remorse for shooting the cashier, but he grieves over the impending loss of his relationship with Jolene.

Another novel by Richard Krawiec is Faith In What? .

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Richard Krawiec is an American writer. He was born in 1952 in Brockton, MA, and currently lives in North Carolina with his two sons. His most famous work is Time Sharing (1986). This novel was featured in Publishers Weekly 'Recommended List', the Village Voice 'Real Life Rock Top Ten column, and received attention from Jonathan Yardley in The Washington Post, Richard Eder in the Los Angeles Times, and in the 'In Short' column of the 'N.Y. Sunday Times', although it got a mixed review from Michiko Kakutani in The New York Times.

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