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Time-lapse photography is a film technique.


Time lapse may also refer to:


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<i>The Twilight Zone</i> Media franchise based on an American television anthology series

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Hyperlapse</span> Technique in time-lapse photography

Hyperlapse or moving time-lapse is a technique in time-lapse photography for creating motion shots. In its simplest form, a hyperlapse is achieved by moving the camera a short distance between each shot. The first film using the hyperlapse technique dates to 1995.

<i>Timelapse of the Future</i> 2019 short film by John Boswell

Timelapse of the Future:A Journey to the End of Time is a 2019 short epic documentary film created by American astronomy-themed musician and filmmaker John D. Boswell, made as a follow-up to his other short film Timelapse of the Entire Universe. Running at 29 minutes, it is a flowmotion—a combination of a hyper-lapse, time-lapse, and regular shots—of the universe from 2019 to the end of time, with the lapse rate doubling every five seconds. The film consists of self-made and fair use footage from films, the Internet, and speeches by scientists, using current knowledge and combining different hypotheses.

<i>Timelapse of the Entire Universe</i> 2018 short film by John Boswell

Timelapse of the Entire Universe is a 2018 short epic animated pseudo-documentary web film created by American astronomy-themed musician and filmmaker John D. Boswell. Inspired by the Cosmic Calendar, the 10-minute film is a hyperlapse of the universe from its start to current humanity, with every second representing 22 million years, with the entire humanity represented in a short time, using current knowledge. The film was originally released on Boswell's YouTube channel Melodysheep on March 7, but it was eventually taken down due to a copyright infringement regarding Morgan Freeman's voice. A revised version was uploaded 3 days later, on March 10, 2018. A year and 10 days later, a follow-up, Timelapse of the Future, was released.