Time of troubles

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Time of troubles can refer to:

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Enlightenment, enlighten or enlightened may refer to:

Shareware is a type of proprietary software which is initially shared by the owner for trial use at little or no cost with usually limited functionality or incomplete documentation but which can be upgraded upon payment. Shareware is often offered as a download from a website or on a compact disc included with a magazine. Shareware differs from freeware, which is fully-featured software distributed at no cost to the user but without source code being made available; and free and open-source software, in which the source code is freely available for anyone to inspect and alter.

The Troubles 1960sā€“1998 conflict in Northern Ireland

The Troubles were an ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland that lasted about 30 years from the late 1960s to 1998. Also known internationally as the Northern Ireland conflict, it is sometimes described as an "irregular war" or "low-level war". The conflict began in the late 1960s and is usually deemed to have ended with the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. Although the Troubles mostly took place in Northern Ireland, at times violence spilled over into parts of the Republic of Ireland, England, and mainland Europe.

4th century Century

The 4th century was the time period which lasted from 301 (CCCI) through 400 (CD). In the West, the early part of the century was shaped by Constantine the Great, who became the first Roman emperor to adopt Christianity. Gaining sole reign of the empire, he is also noted for re-establishing a single imperial capital, choosing the site of ancient Byzantium in 330 to build the city soon called Nova Roma ; it was later renamed Constantinople in his honor.

Bridge over Troubled Water (song) 1969 Simon & Garfunkel song

"Bridge over Troubled Water" is a song composed by American singer-songwriter Paul Simon and recorded by Simon & Garfunkel. Produced by the duo and Roy Halee, the song was released as the follow-up single to "The Boxer" in January 1970. The song is featured on their fifth studio album, Bridge over Troubled Water (1970). Art Garfunkel performs lead vocals over a piano accompaniment exhibiting a strong influence of gospel music. The original studio recording employs elements of Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" technique using L.A. session musicians from the Wrecking Crew.

<i>Big Trouble in Little China</i> 1986 film directed by John Carpenter

Big Trouble in Little China is a 1986 American fantasy martial arts action-comedy film directed by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun and James Hong. The film tells the story of Jack Burton, who helps his friend Wang Chi rescue Wang's green-eyed fiancée from bandits in San Francisco's Chinatown. They go into the mysterious underworld beneath Chinatown, where they face an ancient sorcerer named David Lo Pan, who requires a woman with green eyes to marry him in order to release him from a centuries-old curse.

The term "sociological imagination" was coined by the American sociologist C. Wright Mills in his 1959 book The Sociological Imagination to describe the type of insight offered by the discipline of sociology. The term is used in introductory textbooks in sociology to explain the nature of sociology and its relevance in daily life.

Dark Ages or Dark Age may refer to:

Irish Republican Army Irish republican revolutionary military organisation

The Irish Republican Army (IRA) is a name used by various paramilitary organisations in Ireland throughout the 20th and the 21st centuries. Organisations going by this name have been dedicated to irredentism through Irish republicanism, the belief that all of Ireland should be an independent republic free from British rule.

The history of Liverpool Football Club is divided into three periods:

Troubled Times is a 2012 album by Cast.

The Troubles were an ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland during the late 20th century.

Saint-Hilaire, Aude Commune in Occitanie, France

Saint-Hilaire is a commune in the Aude department in the Occitanie region in southern France.

<i>A Footnote to History: Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa</i> 1892 Book by Robert Louis Stevenson

A Footnote to History: Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa is an 1892 historical non-fiction work by Scottish-born author Robert Louis Stevenson describing the contemporary Samoan Civil War.

<i>Bridge over Troubled Water</i> 1970 studio album by Simon & Garfunkel

Bridge over Troubled Water is the fifth and final studio album by American folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel, released in January 1970 on Columbia Records. Following the duo's soundtrack for The Graduate, Art Garfunkel took an acting role in the film Catch-22, while Paul Simon worked on the songs, writing all tracks except Felice and Boudleaux Bryant's "Bye Bye Love".

I Knew You Were Trouble 2012 single by Taylor Swift

"I Knew You Were Trouble" is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, from her fourth studio album Red (2012). It was written by Swift and its producers, Max Martin and Shellback. It was released for digital download on October 9, 2012, as the third promotional single from Red; and on November 27, 2012, as the album's second pop radio single. Reflecting Swift's desire to experiment beyond her previous albums' country pop sound, "I Knew You Were Trouble" is a pop rock and dance-pop song featuring a dubstep-influenced refrain instrumented by heavy synthesizers. In the lyrics, Swift blames herself for a toxic relationship that has ended.

The history of York City Football Club spans the period from 1908 to the present time. For detail on individual periods of the club's history, see one of the following articles:

<i>The Bootleg Series Vol. 13: Trouble No More 1979ā€“1981</i> 2017 compilation album by Bob Dylan

The Bootleg Series Vol. 13: Trouble No More 1979–1981 is a set of recordings from 1979 to 1981 by Bob Dylan that showcases the music he wrote and performed during his born-again Christian period, covered in the studio albums Slow Train Coming, Saved and Shot of Love.

<i>Son of a Preacher Man</i> (Nancy Wilson album) 1969 album by Nancy Wilson

Son of a Preacher Man is a studio album by Nancy Wilson, released on Capitol Records in June 1969. It was produced by David Cavanaugh, with arrangements and conducting by Jimmy Jones, Phil Wright, and Joe Parnello. Like other Wilson albums from the same time period, it features a combination of vocal jazz, soul, blues, and popular music, but it also contains songs by country artists Hank Cochran, Roger Miller, and Bobby Russell.