Times of Our Lives

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"Send In the Clowns" is a song written by Stephen Sondheim for the 1973 musical A Little Night Music, an adaptation of Ingmar Bergman's 1955 film Smiles of a Summer Night. It is a ballad from Act Two, in which the character Desirée reflects on the ironies and disappointments of her life. Among other things, she looks back on an affair years earlier with the lawyer Fredrik, who was deeply in love with her, but whose marriage proposals she had rejected. Meeting him after so long, she realizes she is in love with him and finally ready to marry him, but now it is he who rejects her: He is in an unconsummated marriage with a much younger woman. Desirée proposes marriage to rescue him from this situation, but he declines, citing his dedication to his bride. Reacting to his rejection, Desirée sings this song. The song is later reprised as a coda after Fredrik's young wife runs away with his son, and Fredrik is finally free to accept Desirée's offer.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Judy Collins</span> American singer and songwriter

Judith Marjorie Collins is an American singer-songwriter and musician with a career spanning seven decades. An Academy Award-nominated documentary director and a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, she is known for her eclectic tastes in the material she records, for her social activism, and for the clarity of her voice. Her discography consists of 36 studio albums, nine live albums, numerous compilation albums, four holiday albums, and 21 singles.

<i>No Jacket Required</i> 1985 studio album by Phil Collins

No Jacket Required is the third solo studio album by English drummer and singer-songwriter Phil Collins. It was released on 18 February 1985 by Virgin Records in the UK and by Atlantic and WEA internationally.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ronnie Van Zant</span> American singer (1948–1977)

Ronald Wayne Van Zant was an American singer, best known as the original lead vocalist, primary lyricist and a founding member of the southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. He was the older brother of Johnny Van Zant, the current Lynyrd Skynyrd lead vocalist, and Donnie Van Zant, the founder and vocalist of the rock band .38 Special.

Living or The Living may refer to:

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Suite: Judy Blue Eyes</span> Song of Crosby, Stills & Nash

"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" is a song written by Stephen Stills and performed by Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN). It appeared on the group's self-titled debut album in 1969 and was released as a single, reaching number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart. In Canada, "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" peaked at number 11. The song imitates the form of a classical music suite as an ordered set of musical pieces.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">These Are the Days of Our Lives</span> 1991 single by Queen

"These Are the Days of Our Lives" is a song by the British rock band Queen. Although credited to the whole band, it was largely written by their drummer Roger Taylor, and is the eighth track on the band's 1991 album Innuendo.

"Chelsea Morning" is a song written and composed by Joni Mitchell and recorded for the singer's second album, Clouds, which she released in 1969.

<i>Have You Seen Me Lately</i> 1990 studio album by Carly Simon

Have You Seen Me Lately is the 15th studio album by American singer-songwriter Carly Simon, released by Arista Records, on September 25, 1990.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Phil Collins discography</span>

English musician Phil Collins has released 8 studio albums, 1 live album, 5 compilation albums, 2 remix albums, 2 soundtrack albums, 2 box sets, 50 singles, 18 video albums, and 41 music videos. A Grammy and Academy Award-winning solo artist, Collins has sold more than 34.5 million albums in the United States, and 150 million records worldwide.

"Turn! Turn! Turn!", also known as or subtitled "To Everything There Is a Season", is a song written by Pete Seeger in 1959. The lyrics – except for the title, which is repeated throughout the song, and the final two lines – consist of the first eight verses of the third chapter of the biblical Book of Ecclesiastes. The song was originally released in 1962 as "To Everything There Is a Season" on the folk group the Limeliters' album Folk Matinee, and then some months later on Seeger's own The Bitter and the Sweet.

"Bob Dylan's Dream" is a song written by Bob Dylan in 1963. It was recorded by Dylan on April 24, 1963, and was released by Columbia Records a month later on the album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.

"Both Sides, Now" is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. First recorded by Judy Collins, it appeared on the US singles chart during the fall of 1968. The next year it was included on Mitchell's album Clouds, and became one of her best-known songs. It has since been recorded by dozens of artists, including Dion in 1968, Clannad with Paul Young in 1991, and Mitchell herself who re-recorded the song with an orchestral arrangement on her 2000 album Both Sides Now.

<i>Judith</i> (album) 1975 studio album by Judy Collins

Judith is the tenth studio album by American singer and songwriter Judy Collins, released in 1975 by Elektra Records in both stereo (7E-1032) and CD-4 quadraphonic (EQ-1032) versions. Collins recorded Judith three years after her precedent album True Stories and Other Dreams, having been focused during the interim on producing Antonia: a Portrait of the Woman a documentary about Antonia Brico.

<i>So Early in the Spring</i> (Judy Collins album) 1977 compilation album by Judy Collins

So Early in the Spring... The First 15 Years, is a compilation album by American singer and songwriter Judy Collins, first released as a double LP in 1977. It peaked at No. 42 on the Billboard Pop Albums charts. The LP featured album portraits by renowned photographer Richard Avedon.

<i>Running for My Life</i> 1980 studio album by Judy Collins

Running for My Life is a studio album by American singer and songwriter Judy Collins. It was released by Elektra Records in 1980. It peaked at No. 142 on the Billboard Pop Albums charts.

<i>Times of Our Lives</i> (Judy Collins album) 1982 studio album by Judy Collins

Times of Our Lives is the fourteenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Judy Collins, released in February 1982 by Elektra Records. It peaked at No. 190 on the Billboard Pop Albums charts. In 1981, prior to the album's release, Collins appeared on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light, performing two songs from the (then) forthcoming album: "Great Expectations" and "It's Gonna Be One of Those Nights".

"Someday Soon" is a song composed by Canadian singer-songwriter Ian Tyson who recorded the song with Sylvia Fricker as the duo Ian & Sylvia in 1963. Cited by Richie Unterberger of Allmusic as "clearly point[ing] toward [its writer's] future C&W/cowboy direction", "Someday Soon" would be brought to prominence via a 1968 recording by Judy Collins, and subsequently recorded by a number of artists primarily in the country and western field. In 2010 "Someday Soon" was honored by the Western Writers of America as one of the "Top 100 Western Songs" of all time.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Jonas Fjeld</span> Norwegian singer, songwriter, and guitarist

Terje Lillegård Jensen, commonly known by his stage name Jonas Fjeld, is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He is best known in the English-speaking world for two albums recorded by Danko/Fjeld/Andersen, a collaboration with Canadian Rick Danko of The Band and American singer-songwriter Eric Andersen. Fjeld also recorded three albums with the American bluegrass group Chatham County Line.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Sweetheart Like You</span> 1983 single by Bob Dylan

"Sweetheart Like You" is a song by Bob Dylan that appeared as the second track of his 1983 album Infidels. The song was recorded on April 18, 1983 and released as a single in December 1983, with "Union Sundown" as its B-Side.