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timmi-kat ReCoRDS is a micro-label based in California. It is owned by David Cole and Moon Trent. It was started in Modesto, CA in 1991 to release Trent's band "Pale"'s music independently on cassettes only, garnering them a mention in Billboard (magazine) in 1992. The label graduated to releasing vinyl, CDs and mp3s from a handful of bands.

In 1998 they released "Milkshake – A CD to Benefit the Harvey Milk Institute". Featuring 15 unreleased tracks from fifteen bands, this indie label took a year to produce enough copies of this disk to raise some money. Gay and straight music fans alike with get into these eclectic tracks: the Red House Painters' stark and haunting "Midnight on the Bay", Brown-Star's "A Bee's Dream", !Tang's James-Brown-inspired "How Do You Take It?", and Chumbawamba's "Homophobia" (a minor hit in England) with the chorus "homophobia, the worst disease, you can't love who you want to love in times like these. . . " Frank K. Darmstadt Senior Editor Facts on File, Inc. June 2, 1999

In 2011 they released "Kat Vox: Celebrating 20 Years of timmi-kat ReCoRDS" featuring 25 tracks from various artists such as Jason Lytle, Pansy Division and Phranc.

The label celebrated the 20th release in their "katalog" with the 2017 album from Moon Trent entitled, "Undercut", featuring cover art by Tomata du Plenty.

The first Spanish language album from the label, "De los Dos", by William Morin, was released in October 2018.

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