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Timo Rautiainen (musician) Musical artist

Timo Aulis Rautiainen is a Finnish heavy metal singer, guitarist and songwriter. He is best known as the singer and songwriter of Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus. He has also sung and played guitar in the bands Lyijykomppania and Aku Ankkuli.

Turun Palloseura Finnish football club

Turun Palloseura, commonly known as TPS, is a professional football club based in Turku, Finland. During the 2020 season, the men's first team of the club competes in Veikkausliiga, the highest tier of men's football, and the women's representative team in the Kansallinen Liiga, the highest level of women's football in Finland. Nicknamed "Tepsi", the club was founded in 1922.

Sulkava Municipality in Southern Savonia, Finland

Sulkava is a municipality of Finland. It is located in the Southern Savonia region. The municipality has a population of 2,431 and covers an area of 769.20 square kilometres (296.99 sq mi) of which 184.52 km2 (71.24 sq mi) is water. The population density is 4.16 inhabitants per square kilometre (10.8/sq mi).


Lyijykomppania is a Finnish heavy metal band. It was originally formed in 1981 by guitarist and vocalist Timo Rautiainen and drummer Esa Moilanen but was disbanded a short two years later in 1983.

Marcus Grönholm Finnish rally driver

Marcus Ulf Johan Grönholm is a Finnish former rally and rallycross driver, being part of a family of the Swedish-speaking population of Finland lineage. His son, Niclas Grönholm, is an upcoming FIA World Rallycross Championship driver. Grönholm's nicknames are either "Bosse" or "Magic Marcus". Gronholm is one of the most successful WRC drivers of all time, ranking third in rally wins (34), and winning two championships, in 2000 and 2002. After Peugeot withdrew from the World Rally Championship, Grönholm moved to Ford for the 2006 season and placed second in the drivers' world championship, losing out to Sébastien Loeb by one point. The next year he again placed second, four points behind Loeb. He and his co-driver Timo Rautiainen retired from rallying after the 2007 season but returned to the championship in 2009 driving a private Subaru for a short period of time, and in the 2019 World Rally Championship where he competed in a Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT-maintained Toyota Yaris under the GRX Team banner.

Tuomas Holopainen Musical artist

Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen is a Finnish songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer, best known as one of the founders and the leader, keyboardist and songwriter of symphonic metal band Nightwish. He has stated his songwriting is influenced by harmonic film music.

Timo Rautiainen ja Trio Niskalaukaus is a heavy metal band from Finland, formed in 1997. The band was led by Timo Rautiainen, leading member of Finnish metallers Lyijykomppania, a band which is still highly popular in Finland and has a small foreign following in the scene. The musical influence of the band ranges from Black Sabbath to more modern metal acts. Lyrically, the themes presented in their songs range from global issues to personal tragedy, typically in a dark and serious tone. They have released seven albums to date.

Alexander Kuoppala Finnish musician

Alexander Kuoppala is a Finnish musician. He was the rhythm guitarist for the Finnish heavy metal band Children of Bodom from 1995 to 2003. He played on their albums Something Wild, Hatebreeder, Follow the Reaper, and Hate Crew Deathroll. He also plays on the Timo Rautiainen album Sarvivuori.

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, commonly shortened to Tuska, is a Finnish heavy metal festival taking place annually in Helsinki. The first Tuska took place in 1998 and the festival has since grown larger every year. The location of the festival has been in Kaisaniemi park in the middle of the city from 2001. However, since 2011, Tuska has taken place at the Suvilahti event field in the Kalasatama neighbourhood of the Sörnäinen district. The festival dates have always been in either June or July.

Finland competed at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.

Co-driver Navigator in motor rallying

A co-driver is the navigator of a rally car in the sport of rallying, who sits in the front passenger seat. The co-driver's job is to navigate, commonly by reading off a set of pacenotes to the driver. Some competitions require map interpretation. In stage rallying communication is often over a radio headset, due to the high level of noise in the car. The co-driver also tells the driver about any incidents or accidents that may have occurred further ahead in the stage. This role is particularly critical in high-end rally competitions such as WRC. Co-drivers are also often called on to perform maintenance on the car during road sections and special stages, such as changing a wheel.

Jussi Lampi is a Finnish musician and long-time actor. Lampi has appeared in many films and TV shows, including The Last Border (1993), V2 - jäätynyt enkeli (2007), Matti (2006), Pelikaanimies (2004), Rölli ja metsänhenki (2001), Ansa ja Oiva and Ruusun aika. It is believed that Lampi started his recording career in the band Bodyguards. Lampi has played and is still playing in the band Pink Flamingos since 1993. The band has published one album, Pink Flamingos, through Strawberry Records. Currently Lampi plays the drums and is a background singer in Timo Rautiainen's band. Lampi is 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m) tall. Lampi has also worked as a voice actor in the Finnish dubs of Monsters, Inc., The Wild, the first Pokémon film as Mewtwo, and Finding Nemo.

Timo Rautiainen (co-driver) Finnish rally co-driver

Timo Rautiainen is a Finnish former rally co-driver. He is best known for co-driving for Marcus Grönholm from 1995 to 2007. Rautiainen and Grönholm drove for Peugeot (2000–05) and Ford (2006-07) in the World Rally Championship, and won 30 world rallies and two drivers' world championship titles together. Rautiainen is married to Grönholm's sister.

Sipe Santapukki Finnish musician

Simo "Sipe" Johannes Santapukki is the drummer of the Finnish rock group Apulanta. Sipe Santapukki graduated from the high school Heinolan Lyseonmäen koulu. Sipe joined Apulanta in 1991 and so has been a member of the band since the early days.

Luis Moya

Luis Rodríguez Moya, better known as Luis Moya is a now-retired Spanish rally co-driver, synonymous with driver Carlos Sainz. He is the third most successful co-driver in the history of the World Rally Championship (WRC), after Daniel Elena and Timo Rautiainen. He was born in A Coruña.

Seppo Harjanne is a Finnish former rally co-driver. He is best known for co-driving for Timo Salonen from 1979 to 1988 and for Tommi Mäkinen from 1990 to 1997. With Salonen, Harjanne took ten World Rally Championship victories for the factory teams of Datsun, Peugeot and Mazda, and the 1985 drivers' world championship title in a Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 E2. With Mäkinen, competing mainly for the Team Mitsubishi Ralliart, he won ten more WRC events along with the 1996 and 1997 drivers' titles in a Lancer Evolution.

Seppänen is a Finnish surname derived from the occupation of blacksmith ("seppä"). Notable people with the surname include:

Timo Name list

Timo is a masculine given name. It is primarily used in Finnish, Estonian, Dutch and German societies. It may be used as an abbreviation of Timothy.

Rautiainen is a Finnish surname. Notable people with the surname include: