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Timo Juhani Santalainen is a Finnish academic and consultant.

Santalainen's professional career has been a combination of academia, business and consulting. Currently he is President of STRATNET, a Geneva-based network of strategy advisors, and Adjunct Professor of Strategy and International Management at Aalto University School of Business, Lappeenranta University of Technology and Finnish National Defense University. His previous academic positions include professorships at Thunderbird School of Global Management, Texas Tech University and Management Centre Europe. He has held senior executive positions in banking and retailing in Finland, and senior consultant positions at MANNET (Geneva) and S.A.M.I. (Finland).

Santalainen's fields of special interest are Strategic Thinking & Management, International Management, and Organization Transformation. He has been an Advisor and Senior Consultant for numerous business, parastatal and intergovernmental organizations, and guest speaker in conferences and seminars throughout the world. He is the author or co-author of eleven books. His latest book “Escaping Business as Usual: Sustainable Strategizing”, co-authored with R. B. Baliga, was published in 2015. Books on “Results Management”, “Corporate Strategy”, “Strategic Thinking” and “Strategic Thinking & Action” have become best-sellers. He has written articles in international journals such as Business Horizons, The Executive, Global Management, Group & Organizational Studies, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Long Range Planning, Organization Studies, and Scandinavian Journal of Management. In addition he has co-authored chapters in several international books.

He is a Founding Member of Strategic Management Society (SMS), and has been Chair of Strategy Practice Interest Group of SMS. He is also a long-time Member of Academy of Management (USA). Previously he has been a Member of the Editorial Review Board of Human Resource Planning, Member of the Executive Advisory Panel of The Executive. He has also been President of Finnish Volleyball Association, President of Promotion Commission of European Volleyball Confederation, and Executive Vice President, Board Member, President of Development Commission and President of World Plan Task Force at Federation Internationale de Volleyball.

Santalainen has been Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Professor of the Year at Helsinki School of Economics. He was awarded from the Best European Innovation of Bank Marketing, and shared with R. Tainio the 'Douglas McGregor Memorial Award' of best article of the year in Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.


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