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Davies is a patronymic Welsh surname. It may be a corruption of Dyfed, itself a corruption of Dési, colonists from south-east Ireland who occupied the old tribal area of the Demetae in south-west Wales in the late third century AD, establishing a dynasty which lasted five centuries. Dyfed is recorded as a surname as late as the 12th century for e.g. Gwynfard Dyfed, born in 1175. 'Dafydd' appears as a given name in the 13th Century, e.g. Dafydd ap Gruffydd (1238–1283), Prince of Wales, and Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Welsh poet. The given name 'Dafydd' is generally translated into English as 'David'. Alternatively it may derive from David, the name of Wales's patron saint. In Wales Davies is standardly pronounced DAY-vis, that is, identically to Davis. This pronunciation is also used by many outside the United Kingdom, where it competes with the spelling pronunciation DAY-veez, which is particularly common in the US.

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Alan Davies is a British comedian and actor.

Timothy Davies is a British (Welsh) judoka.

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