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Tin Star may refer to:

A sheriff is a government official, with varying duties, existing in some countries with historical ties to England, where the office originated. There is an analogous although independently developed office in Iceland that is commonly translated to English as sheriff, and this is discussed below.

<i>Tin Star</i> (video game) 1994 video game

Tin Star is a rail shooter-type, video game software developed by Software Creations and published by Nintendo for the Super NES. It was released on November, 1994, only in North America.

Tin Star were a British electronica band formed in 1996. Dave Tomlinson and Tim Bricheno were formerly in the Band X-CNN together in the early nineties.

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Resistance may refer to:

Rin Tin Tin famous German shepherd dog

Rin Tin Tin was a male German Shepherd that was an international star in motion pictures. He was rescued from a World War I War Dog Kennel by an American soldier, Corporal Lee Duncan, who nicknamed him "Rinty". Duncan trained Rin Tin Tin and obtained silent film work for the dog. Rin Tin Tin was an immediate box-office success and went on to appear in 27 Hollywood films, gaining worldwide fame. Along with the earlier canine film star Strongheart, Rin Tin Tin was responsible for greatly increasing the popularity of German Shepherd dogs as family pets. The immense profitability of his films contributed to the success of Warner Bros. studios and helped advance the career of Darryl F. Zanuck.

Lost may refer to:

Deadline(s) or The Deadline(s) may refer to:

Avatar is a term used in Hinduism for a material manifestation of a deity. Other common uses include:

A legend is a historical narrative, a symbolic representation of folk belief.

Hammerhead may refer to:

Thomas Ian Nicholas American actor, musician and director

Thomas Ian Nicholas is an American film actor, singer, musician, producer, director, and writer. Nicholas is best known for playing Henry Rowengartner in Rookie of the Year, Walt Disney in Walt Before Mickey and Kevin Myers in the American Pie film series. It was recently announced he would be starring in a live action Fortnite movie, to be released Fall 2020.

A civil war is an armed conflict within a nation. It is also commonly used is titles or subjects of publication and other works of art, and sometimes in local sports rivalries.

The Parodius series is a series of horizontally scrolling shooters developed by Konami. The games are tongue-in-cheek parodies of Gradius, hence the name. It also parodies many other Konami franchises, including Antarctic Adventure, Castlevania, Xexex, Axelay, Thunder Cross, Taisen Puzzle-Dama, Space Manbow, Ganbare Goemon, Lethal Enforcers, Tokimeki Memorial and TwinBee.

<i>New Police Story</i> 2004 film by Benny Chan

New Police Story is a 2004 Hong Kong action film produced and directed by Benny Chan, and also produced by and starring Jackie Chan. The film was released in the Hong Kong on 24 September 2004. The film is a reboot of the Police Story series and is the fifth film in the series. New Police Story relies much more on drama and heavy action than its predecessors.

White buffalo are bison that are white in color, instead of the usual brown. Several Native American religions consider them to be sacred signs.

Girls on Film 1981 song by Duran Duran

"Girls on Film" is the third single by Duran Duran, released on 13 July 1981.

Tintin or Tin Tin may refer to:

Daredevil may refer to:

"Baba Yetu" is the theme song for the 2005 video game Civilization IV. It was composed by Christopher Tin and performed by Ron Ragin and the Stanford Talisman. For its re-release in Tin's debut album Calling All Dawns, it was performed by the Soweto Gospel Choir. The song, when rereleased, became the first piece of video game music to be nominated for and to win a Grammy Award.

Adaptations of <i>The Wizard of Oz</i> Wikimedia list article

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a 1900 children's novel written by American author L. Frank Baum. Since its first publication in 1900, it has been adapted many times: for film, television, theatre, books, comics, games, and other media.

James Brown (actor) American film and TV actor, born 1920

James E. Brown was an American film and TV actor best known for his role as Lieutenant Ripley "Rip" Masters in all 166 episodes of the 1954-1959 ABC Western television series, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. He was also credited variously as J.B. Brown, Jim L. Brown, and James Bowen Brown.

<i>The Wizard of Oz</i> (arcade game) arcade pusher game based on the 1939 movie

The Wizard of Oz is an arcade pusher game based on the 1939 film that awards token chips and cards that are redeemable for prizes. The player shoots coins into the machine which drops chips and cards. The player collects the cards and chips that can be redeemed later for prizes. The coins are retained by the machine. Most arcades that have this game will award a jackpot for collecting the entire series of cards. It can be played by up the six players. The game is developed by Elaut Belgium and released in the fall of 2010. According to the company's press release, the game was very well received by players and amusement centers.

<i>Tin Star</i> (TV series) television series

Tin Star is a British-Canadian television crime drama created by Rowan Joffe. The series focuses on Jim Worth, a former Metropolitan Police detective who becomes chief of police of a Canadian town in the Rocky Mountains. It stars Tim Roth, Genevieve O'Reilly, Abigail Lawrie, Oliver Coopersmith and Christina Hendricks.