Tin Star (band)

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Tin Star
Origin London, England
Genres Electronica
Years active19962005
Labels V2 Records

Tin Star were a British electronica band formed in 1996. [1] Dave Tomlinson and Tim Bricheno were formerly in the Band X-CNN together in the early 1990s.



Tomlinson and Bricheno were discussing their musical future together in a London pub. Their conversation was overheard by Tim Gordine who introduced himself and they formed the band together. The group signed to V2 Records and released their debut album, The Thrill Kisser, in 1999. The album had been recorded in Gordine's apartment in London and the restricted space meant the group adapted to using machines rather than a drum kit. [2]

The group scored a hit on US rock radio with "Head", which peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Modern Rock charts in 1999. A second LP, Dirty Bird, followed in May 2001. [3]

The group has since split up.

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"Dirty Work" is a song written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker of Steely Dan, which appeared on the band's 1972 debut album Can't Buy a Thrill.


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