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Tingzhou may refer to :

The town of Tingzhou (汀州) is the seat of the Changting County government, Party and police.

Tingzhou fu was a prefecture in Fujian province from the Tang Dynasty (唐朝) down to the early 20th century, when it was renamed Changting .

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tingzhou/Changting is a diocese co-extensive with the Chinese imperial prefecture Tingzhou fu. The cathedral is located in the present-day Tingzhou town.

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Fujian Province

Fujian, is a province on the southeast coast of mainland China. Fujian is bordered by Zhejiang to the north, Jiangxi to the west, Guangdong to the south, and the Taiwan Strait to the east. The name Fujian came from the combination of Fuzhou and Jianzhou, two cities in Fujian, during the Tang dynasty. While its population is chiefly of Han origin, it is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse provinces in China.

Longyan Prefecture-level city in Fujian, Peoples Republic of China

Longyan is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Fujian province, People's Republic of China, bordering Guangdong to the south and Jiangxi to the west.

Ruijin County-level & Sub-prefectural city in Jiangxi, Peoples Republic of China

Ruijin is a county-level city of Ganzhou in the mountains bordering Fujian Province in the south-eastern part of Jiangxi Province.

Longyan Guanzhishan Airport

Longyan Guanzhishan Airport, is a dual-use military and public airport serving the city of Longyan, Fujian Province, China. It is located in Liancheng County, and was formerly called Liancheng Airport. The airport has a handling capacity of 140,000 passengers and 800 tons of cargo. The airport was opened on April 25, 2004. 15,600 passengers passed through the airport in 2005.

Changting County County in Fujian, Peoples Republic of China

Changting , also known as Tingzhou or Tingchow, is a county in western Fujian province, People's Republic of China. With a population of 480,000 and an area of 3,099 square kilometres (1,197 sq mi), Changting is the fifth largest county in the province. The majority of the population belongs to the Hakka people and speaks Changting dialect, a dialect of Hakka Chinese. The Changting dialect is mutually unintelligible with the Meixian dialect, which is another Hakka language spoken in Guangdong.

Xinluo District District in Fujian, Peoples Republic of China

Xinluo District is a district of Longyan, Fujian province, People's Republic of China, with a population of approximately 500,000.

Ting River river in Peoples Republic of China

The Ting River flows 300 kilometres (190 mi) from Ninghua County in western Fujian south to the port and Special Economic Zone of Shantou, Guangdong. It is a main tributary of the Han River and is also referred to Hakka Mother River.

Johann Lesinski (1904–63) was the first and -to date- only bishop of Tingzhou, in the Ecclesiastical province of Fuzhou.

Longyan University

Longyan University is one of the full-time public undergraduate universities of Fujian Province authorized by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, which is located in Longyan City.

Longyan Min dialect of Southern Min

Longyan Min (龍巖閩語) or Longyan Minnan (龍巖閩南語), is a variety of Southern Min language spoken in the urban city area of Longyan in the province of Fujian while Hakka is spoken in rural villages of longyan by the peasantry. The Longyan Min people had settled in the region from southern part of Fujian Province as early as the Tang dynasty period (618–907). Although Longyan Min has some Hakka influence to a limited extent by the peasant Hakka Chinese language due to close distance of rural village Hakka peasants of the region, Longyan Min is a close dialect of the Minnan language and has more number of tones than Hakka. Longyan Min has a high but limited intelligibility with Southern Min dialects such as Hokkien–Taiwanese. Today, Longyan Min is predominantly spoken in Longyan's urban cities Xinluo District and Zhangping City. Longyan Hakka on the other hand is spoken in the nom-urban rest of the rural areas of Longyan prefecture: Changting County, Yongding County, Shanghang County, Liancheng County and Wuping County.

Zhangping County-level city in Fujian, Peoples Republic of China

Zhangping is a city in the southwest of Fujian province, People's Republic of China. It is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Longyan.

The Longyan–Xiamen railway is a dual-track, electrified, high-speed rail line in Fujian Province, China. The line, also known as the Longxia railway, is named after its two terminal cities Longyan and Xiamen, and has a total length of 171 km (106 mi). Construction began on December 25, 2006, and the line opened for regular operation on June 29, 2012. The line can accommodate trains traveling at speeds of up to 200 km/h (124 mph).

The Zhangping–Longchuan railway, also known as the Zhanglong railway, is a railway linking Zhangping, Fujian Province, and Longchuan County, Guangdong, in southeastern China. The line has a total length of 374 km (232 mi) and combines separately constructed railways linking Zhangping, Longyan, Kanshi, Meizhou, and Longchuan.

The Ganzhou–Longyan railway is a railway connecting Jiangxi and Fujian Province in southeastern China. The line, also known as the Ganlong railway, is named after its two terminal cities Ganzhou and Longyan, and has a total length of 290.1 km (180.3 mi). Construction began on December 8, 2001, and the line entered operation on October 1, 2005. Major cities and towns along route include Ganzhou, Gan County, Yudu County, Huichang, Ruijin in Jiangxi and Changting County, Liancheng County, Shanghang, and Longyan in Fujian.

Liu Cigui is a Chinese politician. He is the current Communist Party Secretary of Hainan province. His former positions include Governor of Hainan, Director of the State Oceanic Administration and China Coast Guard and mayor of the cities of Xiamen and Longyan in Fujian province.

Changting dialect is a dialect of Tingzhou Hakka mainly spoken in Changting County of northwest Fujian. It is generally regarded as the representative dialect of the Hakka spoken in western Fujian province.

The Tingzhou dialect is a group of Hakka dialects spoken in Longyan and Sanming, southwestern Fujian. Tingzhou includes the Hakka dialects spoken in the counties originally under the jurisdiction of Tingzhou: Changting (Tingzhou), Ninghua, Qingliu, Liancheng, Wuping, Shanghang, Yongding and Mingxi. The Changting dialect is generally regarded as the representative dialect of this branch of Hakka.

Xialou Village(下楼村)is an administrative village under the jurisdiction of Tian Tian Town, Yunxiao County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian province. It is located in the south part of the fire town. In the northern part of Yunxiao County, it is the second village from the sky into the fire field. The main surname of "Wu", as the three adjacent village: West Village, vegetable Po Village Xikou village. It belongs to the developing natural village. There are 2 natural villages and 13 villager groups, and there are about 500 households in the whole village, with a total population of about 2000. The village has a total of 58 members, the village committee cadres 8 people.