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Directed byHerbert Ballmann
Release date
Country East Germany
Language German

Tinko is an East German film. It was released in 1957.

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ELOY Awards is an award for women excelling in their field of work. It was established by Tewa Onasanya in 2009.

Joachim Werzlau was a German pianist, radio consultant and composer. He belonged to the first generation of composers in the GDR, where he was also active in organisations and politics. As a pianist, he played for the theatre, for Mary Wigman's dance school, and a kabarett, among others. He composed popular songs, music for audio plays, film scores, incidental music, and three operas. With films such as Nackt unter Wölfen and Jakob der Lügner, he was the most popular film composer of the GDR of his time.

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