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Tinny may refer to:


The slang or colloquial term tinnie or tinny has a variety of meanings, generally derived from some association with the metal tin, or aluminium foil which has a loose allusion to tin.

Tin is a metallic chemical element with symbol Sn and atomic number 50.

Tinny (musician) rapper

Nii Addo Quaynor, better known by his stage name Tinny, is a Ghanaian Rapper. He was born in Osu, Ghana to Mr. Ricky Tetteh Quaynor and Naa Badu Quaynor. He is the last-born of their six children. At the early age of eight, by singing and rapping at parties and funfairs, he got into the music industry. In 1994, he started performing at Fun-World, an entertainment programme which was organized every Sunday at the National Theatre (Accra). He has released five studio albums since his debut.

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Tonny is a 1962 Norwegian drama film.

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The United States of America is a constitutional federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

Great Big Sea Canadian folk rock band

Great Big Sea was a Canadian folk rock band from Newfoundland and Labrador, best known for performing energetic rock interpretations of traditional Newfoundland folk songs including sea shanties, which draw from the island's 500-year-old Irish, Scottish, and Cornish heritage. While it has been confirmed that the band has officially been retired, former members Alan Doyle and Séan McCann have continued performing in their own solo careers typically including music from Great Big Sea in their setlists.

Alan Doyle Canadian musician

Alan Thomas Doyle is a Canadian musician and actor, best known as the lead singer of Canadian folk rock band Great Big Sea.

Traveler(s) or traveller(s) may refer to:

Doyle is a surname of [[English origin. The name is an Anglicisation of the Irish Ó Dubhghaill /oːˈd̪ˠʊwəlʲ/, meaning "descendant of Dubhghall". The personal name Dubhghall contains the elements dubh "black" + gall "stranger". Similar Scottish and Irish surnames, derived from the same personal name are: MacDougall / McDougall and MacDowell / McDowell.

Massive is an adjective related to mass.

<i>Fortunes Favour</i> 2008 studio album by Great Big Sea

Fortune's Favour is the eighth studio album released by Canadian folk rock band Great Big Sea. The album was released on June 24, 2008, debuting at No. 5 on the Canadian Music Charts and also includes a DVD. The album was certified gold in Canada.

The City may refer to:

Craig Northey Canadian musician

Craig Northey is a Canadian musician and film and TV composer. He is one of the founding members of the band Odds, which released four albums between 1991 and 1996. They were best known for the radio singles "It Falls Apart", "Eat My Brain", "Heterosexual Man" and "Someone Who's Cool".

Lynda Boyd Canadian actress

Lynda Boyd is a Canadian actress, singer, dancer, musician, and writer. She is perhaps best known for her roles in the Hollywood films Final Destination 2 (2003), An Unfinished Life (2005), She's the Man (2006), and On Thin Ice, with Diane Keaton. She had minor roles in I Spy (2002), About A Girl (2007/08), The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), and Intern Academy (2004). She was also the voice of Cologne in Ranma 1/2, and the voice of Viv the bunny on the Sunbow cartoon series Littlest Pet Shop.

<i>Murdoch Mysteries</i> Canadian drama TV series

Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian television drama series that premiered on Citytv on January 20, 2008 and currently airs on CBC Television. The series is based on characters from the Detective Murdoch novels by Maureen Jennings and stars Yannick Bisson as the fictional William Murdoch, a police detective working in Toronto, Ontario in the late 19th century. The series was titled The Artful Detective on the Ovation cable TV network in the United States.

Shawn Doyle is a Canadian actor.

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<i>Republic of Doyle</i> television series

Republic of Doyle is a Canadian comedy-drama television series set in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador which aired on CBC Television from January 6, 2010 to December 10, 2014.

Allan Hawco actor

Allan Hawco (born July 28, 1977) is a Canadian actor and producer, best known for his roles in the series ZOS: Zone of Separation, Republic of Doyle and The Book of Negroes, and the television films H2O and The Trojan Horse.

<i>The Great Canadian Baking Show</i> Canadian television series

The Great Canadian Baking Show is a Canadian cooking competition television series which premiered on CBC Television on November 1, 2017. It is an adaptation of the U.K. series The Great British Bake Off, which is aired in Canada under the title The Great British Baking Show.