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Tinus may refer to:

Tinus is a spider genus in the family Pisauridae.

Tinus is also a short form of the given name Martinus and Marthinus. It may refer to:

Marthinus is a Dutch male given name - a latinised form of Martin.

Tinus Bosselaar Dutch footballer

Martinus Bosselaar was a Dutch footballer who played as a left winger.

Marthinus Herbert de Beer is a South African rugby union player for Griquas in the Currie Cup and the Rugby Challenge. His regular position is fly-half or fullback.

Tinus van Doorn Dutch painter, draughtsperson and graphic artist

Martinus Jacob van Doorn was a Dutch painter and graphic artist in the Expressionist style.

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Adriaan is the Dutch spelling of the given name Adrian. Before the 19th century the spelling Adriaen was also common, and people used the spelling interchangeably.

van is a preposition in the Dutch and Afrikaans languages, meaning "of" or "from" depending on the context.

De Beer is a Dutch and Afrikaans surname, meaning "the bear". It can refer to:

Frans is a common first name, the Dutch version of Francis in English or Franz in German:

Schalk is both a patronymic surname and a Germanic given name. As a given name, with the meaning "servant", it has been recorded as early as the 8th century as Scalco and Scalcho. The composite given name "Godschalk" or "Gottschalk" was more popular with the higher classes. Quite common in the Low Countries in the Middle Ages, it is now primarily an Afrikaans given name. Notable people with the name include:

Swart is an Afrikaans and Dutch surname meaning "black". Variations on it are de Swart, Swarte, de Swarte, Swarts, Zwart, de Zwart, and Zwarts. People with this surname include:

Klerk Surname list

De Klerk, Klerk, De Klerck or Klerck is surname of:

Christiaan is a Dutch male given name. An archaic spelling of the name was Christiaen. People with the name include:

Van Zyl is an Afrikaans toponymic surname. It derives from the Dutch surname Van Zijl, meaning "from Zijl" where Zijl is an archaic term for a waterway. Equivalent

De Waal is a Dutch surname with the literal translation "the Walloon". Originally it may have also referred to other southern, non-Germanic and French-speaking persons. A variant, archaic spelling is De Wael. Notable persons with that surname include:

PlessisPlessy, and de Plessis are related surnames of French origin, may refer to:

Corne, Cornè, Corné or Cornes may refer to:

Theunis is a Dutch masculine given name. Like Teunis, it is a derivative of Anthonius (Anthony). Theuns is a short form used in South Africa. Both Theunis and Theuns also exist as a patronymic surname

Gert is a mainly masculine given name with some female bearers. Pronunciation is typically in Afrikaans and Dutch, in Danish and German, in Swedish, and in English.

The Dutch male given name Hendrik is a cognate of the English Henry. The spelling Hendrick was interchangeable until the 19th century. Birth names of people with this name can be Latinized to Henderikus, Hendricus, Hendrikus, or Henricus, while common nicknames for Hendrik are Han, Hein, Henk, Hennie, Henny, Henri, Henry, Rijk, and Rik. People with Hendrik or Hendrick as their first name include:

De Jongh is a Dutch surname meaning "junior". It is a variation of the more common form "de Jong" or "de Jonge". Among people with the surname "de Jongh", "de Iongh" or "de Jonghe" are:

De Kock is a Dutch occupational surname meaning "the cook".

Andries is a Dutch and Afrikaans masculine given name or surname equivalent to Andrew.

Nicolaas is the Dutch equivalent of the masculine given name Nicholas. Before the 19th century the name was also written Nicolaes, while Nikolaas is an uncommon variant spelling. Most people with the name use a short form in daily life, like Claas, Claes, Klaas, Nico, and Niek.

Mostert is a Dutch and Afrikaans metonymic occupational surname. Meaning "mustard", it originally referred to a mustard miller or salesman. The Middle Dutch spelling Mostaert and modern Dutch spelling Mosterd are among variant forms of the surname. People with these surnames include: