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Agadir Place in Souss-Massa, Morocco

Agadir is a major city in Morocco. Agadir is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean near the foot of the Atlas Mountains, just north of the point where the Souss River flows into the ocean and 316 miles (509 km) south of Casablanca. It is the capital of the Agadir Ida-U-Tanan Prefecture and of the Souss-Massa economic region. The majority of its inhabitants speak Amazigh language, one of the two official languages of Morocco.

Naâma Province Province in Algeria

Naâma Province is a province (wilaya) of Algeria named after its provincial seat, the town of Naâma. The region is dominated by a large sabkha. There is an airport in Mécheria.

Tiout, Algeria Municipality in Naâma, Algeria

Tiout is a municipality in Naâma Province, Algeria. It is part of the district of Aïn Séfra and has a population of 3,161, which gives it 11 seats in the PMA. Its postal code is 45210 and its municipal code is 4504.

Moghrar Municipality in Naâma, Algeria

Moghrar is a municipality in Naâma Province, Algeria. It is the district seat the Moghrar District and has a population of 2,796, which gives it 11 seats in the PMA. Its municipal code is 4506

Resserops is an extinct genus from a well-known class of fossil marine arthropods, the trilobites. It lived during the middle of the Atdabanian or the early part of the Botomian stage, which lasted from approximately 524 to 518.5 million years ago. This faunal stage was part of the Cambrian Period. It has been found in Spain and southern Morocco. It can be recognised by the sabre-like spines of the headshield that are a smooth continuation of the frontal edge, and the enlarged spines on the 9th segment of the thorax.

South Oran and Figuig Berber

South Oran Berber, or Figuig Berber (Figig), is a cluster of the Zenati languages, which belong to the Berber branch of the Afroasiatic family. It is spoken in a number of oases of southwestern Algeria and across the border in Morocco.

Tiout, Morocco Rural commune and town in Souss-Massa-Drâa, Morocco

Tiout is a small town and rural commune in Taroudant Province of the Souss-Massa-Drâa region of Morocco. At the time of the 2004 census, the commune had a total population of 2817 people living in 555 households.

<i>Daguinaspis</i> genus of trilobites (fossil)

Daguinaspis is an early Cambrian trilobite genus found in Morocco. Like the closely related Choubertella and Wolynaspis, but unlike any other Fallotaspidoidea, it lacks genal spines.