Tipsy (band)

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Origin San Francisco, California, US
Genres Electronic, lounge, downtempo
Years active1996present
Labels Asphodel Records, Ipecac Recordings
MembersTim Digulla
David Gardner

Tipsy is an American electronic music group. Based in San Francisco, California, it consists of Tim Digulla and David Gardner. [1]


In 1996, Tipsy released an album, Trip Tease, on Asphodel Records. [2] In 2015, Fact placed it at number 44 on the "50 Best Trip-Hop Albums of All Time" list. [2] In 2001, Tipsy released the second album, Uh-Oh!, on Asphodel Records. [3] In 2008, Tipsy released the third album, Buzzz, on Ipecac Recordings. [4]


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