Tipton (surname)

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Tipton is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

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Stephenson is a medieval patronymic surname meaning "son of Stephen". The earliest public record is found in the county of Huntingdonshire in 1279. There are variant spellings including Stevenson. People with the surname include:

Manning is a family name.

Schröder (Schroeder) is a German surname often associated with the Schröder family. Notable people with the surname include:

Travers is an English and Irish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Dunning is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Cooper is an English surname originating in England; see Cooper (profession). Occasionally it is an Anglicized form of the German surname Kiefer. Cooper is the 8th most common surname in Liberia and 27th most common in England.

Schaefer is an alternative spelling and cognate for the German word schäfer, meaning 'shepherd', which itself descends from the Old High German scāphare. Variants "Shaefer", "Schäfer", the additional alternative spelling "Schäffer", and the anglicised forms "Schaeffer", "Schaffer", "Shaffer", "Shafer", and "Schafer" are all common surnames.

Baumgartner is a surname of German origin, literally meaning "Tree Gardener". It may refer to:

Stapleton is an English surname dating back to the times of Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is a habitation name; examples of habitations are found in Cumbria, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Somerset, and Yorkshire, and is from the Old English word stapol meaning post and ton meaning settlement.

Hickman or Hickmann is a surname, and may refer to:

Jameson is a patronymic surname meaning "son of James". It may also be a given name. Notable people with the name include:

Ritter is a surname of German origin, and may refer to:

Glenn is a given name and a surname.

Crockett is a surname of British origin, which derives from the Middle English word "croket", meaning "a large curl"., although some are also derived from the French name "Crocketagne". The name may refer to:

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Kelly is a surname in the English language. The name has numerous origins, most notably from the Ui Maine. In some cases it is derived from toponyms located in Ireland and Great Britain, in other cases it is derived from patronyms in the Irish language.

Drake is an Old English surname of Latin origin.

Sheridan is an Irish surname. It is derived from the Irish Gaelic Ó Sirideáin 'descendant of Sirideáin', a given name meaning 'to seek'. Originating in County Longford, the O'Sheridans were erenaghs of Granard, but in the County Cavan served the O'Reillys.

Law is a surname, of English, Scottish, Cantonese, or Chinese origin. In Scotland, the surname means dweller at the low; as in a hill. Another origin of the surname is a contraction of Lawrence, or Lawson.

Kearney or Kearneys is an Irish surname.

Carlyle is a given name and surname. Surname is derived from Carlisle. Given name may be an elaboration of Carl. Notable people with the name include the following: