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Korenica Village in Lika-Senj, Croatia

Korenica is a village in Lika, Croatia, located in the municipality of Plitvička Jezera, on the D1 road between Plitvice and Udbina. According to 2011 census it has 1,766 residents. It is the seat of the Plitvička Jezera Municipality.

Plitvice Lakes incident

The Plitvice Lakes incident was an armed clash at the beginning of the Croatian War of Independence. It was fought between Croatian police and armed forces from the Croatian Serb-established SAO Krajina at the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, on 31 March 1991. The fighting followed the SAO Krajina's takeover of the Plitvice Lakes National Park and resulted in Croatia recapturing the area. The clash resulted in one killed on each side and contributed to the worsening ethnic tensions.

Lyudmila Titova Russian speed skater

Lyudmila Yevgenyevna Titova is a retired Russian speed skater.

Krivogaštani Municipality Municipality of Northern Macedonia

Krivogaštani Municipality is a municipality in the western part of North Macedonia. Krivogaštani is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. This municipality is part of the Pelagonia Statistical Region.

Tatyana Titova is a retired long-distance runner from Russia who has won eleven marathons during her career. Her personal best of 2:29:36 was set during her victory at the 2004 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.

Eternal flame (Sarajevo) memorial in Sarajevo

The Eternal flame is a memorial to the military and civilian victims of the Second World War in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The memorial was dedicated on 6 April 1946, the first anniversary of the liberation of Sarajevo from the four-year-long occupation by Nazi Germany and the fascist Independent State of Croatia.

23rd Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships were held in Moscow, Russia from 18 September to 24 September 2006.

13th Infantry Division Re division

The 13th Infantry Division Re ("King") was an Infantry Division of the Italian Army during World War II. The Re Division was mobilized in June 1940 in Friuli

Valentina Antipovna Titova is a Russian actress.

Marina Kudriavtseva figure skater

Marina Grigorevna Kudriavtseva is a former Soviet figure skater and current coach. She married her coach Viktor Kudriavtsev and has one son named Anton. After her competitive career, she coached skaters Elena Sokolova, Viktoria Volchkova, and Alexander Uspenski among others.

D25 road (Croatia)

D50 state road, located mainly in Lika region of Croatia connecting cities and towns of Korenica, Gospić and Karlobag, to the state road network of Croatia, and most notably to D1 and D8 state roads and the A1 motorway Gospić interchange. The road is 83.6 km (51.9 mi) long. The route comprises a significant number of urban intersections, in segment of the road running through Gospić.

D52 road (Croatia)

D52 state road, located in Lika region of Croatia connecting cities and towns of Otočac and Korenica, to the state road network of Croatia, and to A1 motorway at Otočac interchange (via D50. The road is 41.1 km long.

Homoljac is a village in Croatia. It is connected by the D52 highway.

<i>Ty - supermodel</i> (season 2) season of television series

Ty - supermodel, Cycle 2 was the second Cycle of the Russian reality show on the STS TV channel, a competition of non-professional aspiring models. For the second time Fyodor Bondarchuk was the host. In this Cycle the contestants did not live in a hotel apartment but on a boat.

Maria Pavlovna Titova is a Russian retired individual rhythmic gymnast. She is the 2013 Grand Prix Final all-around silver medalist

The Battle of Vrpile or Battle of Vrpile Gulch, also known as the First Battle of Krbava, was fought between the Kingdom of Croatia and the Ottoman Empire in early September 1491 at the Vrpile pass in central Croatia, near Korenica in Krbava. The Croatian army, led by Ban Ladislav of Egervár and Knez (Prince) Bernardin Frankopan, defeated the Ottomans who were on their way back from Carniola to the Sanjak of Bosnia.

Tatyana Titova may refer to:

Korenica is a village in Municipality of Krivogaštani.

KF Korenica Albanian association football club

KF Korenica is a professional football club from Kosovo which competes in the Third League. The club is based in Shkugëz, Gjakovë. Their home ground is the Shkugëz Sports Field which has a viewing capacity of 500.