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Tlaxco may refer to various places in Mexico:

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Municipality An administrative division having corporate status and usually some powers of self-government or jurisdiction

A municipality is usually a single administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordinate. It is to be distinguished (usually) from the county, which may encompass rural territory or numerous small communities such as towns, villages and hamlets.

A local government is a form of public administration which, in a majority of contexts, exists as the lowest tier of administration within a given state. The term is used to contrast with offices at state level, which are referred to as the central government, national government, or federal government and also to supranational government which deals with governing institutions between states. Local governments generally act within powers delegated to them by legislation or directives of the higher level of government. In federal states, local government generally comprises the third tier of government, whereas in unitary states, local government usually occupies the second or third tier of government, often with greater powers than higher-level administrative divisions.

Metropolitan area region consisting of a densely populated urban core and its less-populated but economically-linked surroundings

A metropolitan area is a region consisting of a densely populated urban core and its less-populated surrounding territories, sharing industry, infrastructure, and housing. A metro area usually comprises multiple jurisdictions and municipalities: neighborhoods, townships, boroughs, cities, towns, exurbs, suburbs, counties, districts, states, and even nations like the eurodistricts. As social, economic and political institutions have changed, metropolitan areas have become key economic and political regions.

In many countries, a mayor is the highest-ranking official in a municipal government such as that of a city or a town.

Rafael Limón Mexican boxer

Rafael Limón Burgos, also known as Bazooka Limón is a Mexican former professional boxer who held the WBC super featherweight title twice between 1980 and 1982. He also challenged for the same title in 1979 and 1983.

Municipalities of Brazil administrative division of the states in Brazil

The municipalities of Brazil are administrative divisions of the Brazilian states. Brazil currently has 5,570 municipalities, which, given the 2019 population estimate of 210,147,125, makes an average municipality population of 37,728 inhabitants. The average state in Brazil has 214 municipalities. Roraima is the least subdivided state, with 15 municipalities, while Minas Gerais is the most subdivided state, with 853.

Unincorporated area Region of land not governed by own local government

In law, an unincorporated area is a region of land that is not governed by a local municipal corporation; similarly an unincorporated community is a settlement that is not governed by its own local municipal corporation, but rather is administered as part of larger administrative divisions, such as a township, parish, borough, county, city, canton, state, province or country. Occasionally, municipalities dissolve or disincorporate, which may happen if they become fiscally insolvent, and services become the responsibility of a higher administration. Widespread unincorporated communities and areas are a distinguishing feature of the United States and Canada. In most other countries of the world, there are either no unincorporated areas at all, or these are very rare; typically remote, outlying, sparsely populated or uninhabited areas.

Tlaxcala State of Mexico

Tlaxcala, officially the Free and Sovereign State of Tlaxcala, is one of the 31 states which, along with Mexico City, make up the 32 federative entities of Mexico. It is divided into 60 municipalities and its capital city is Tlaxcala.

Huamantla municipal seat in Tlaxcala, Mexico

Huamantla is a small city in Huamantla Municipality located in the eastern half of the Mexican state of Tlaxcala. The area has a long indigenous history, but the city itself was not founded until the early colonial period, in the 1530s. It is mostly agricultural but it is best known for its annual homage to an image of the Virgin Mary called Our Lady of Charity. This includes a month of festivities, the best known of which are the “night no one sleeps” when residents create six km of “carpets” on the streets made from colored sawdust, flowers and other materials. The other is the “Huamantlada” a running of the bulls similar to that in Pamplona.

Tlaxco Municipality is a municipality in Puebla in southeastern Mexico.

Santa Ana Nopalucan Municipalities of Mexico in Tlaxcala

Santa Ana Nopalucan is a municipality in Tlaxcala in south-eastern Mexico.

Hermenegildo Sosa

Hermenegildo Sosa is a Mexican painter and art professor who is best known for colorful depictions of Mexican rural landscapes, especially those of his home state of Tlaxcala. He was born there into a farming family, whose economic condition delayed his education as he had to work from a young age. In his teens he arrived to Mexico City to work as a domestic, but this allowed him to attend school, including painting classes. Eventually, he entered the Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado "La Esmeralda", where he eventually gained a career as a professor.

Tlaxco Municipality may refer to:

Jose Maria Morelos Buenavista Locality in Tlaxcala, Mexico

José María Morelos Buenavista or simply called Buenavista, is a town situated in the northwest of the State of Tlaxcala in the Mexican Republic, located in the municipality of Tlaxco. According to the INEGI in the census of the 2010 its population was 1,762 inhabitants. Its main economic activities are agriculture and cattle herding.

Arnulfo Mejía Rojas

Arnulfo Mejía Rojas was an engineer, architect, teacher, historian, painter, artist and Catholic priest, most well known for being the creator of The Boat of the Faith.

Federal Highway 119D is a toll highway connecting Tejocotal, Hidalgo to Tlaxco Municipality, Tlaxcala. The road is operated by Promotora y Operadora de Infraestructura S.A. de C.V. (PINFRA).

Federal Highway 132D is the designation for toll highways paralleling Mexican Federal Highway 132. Highway 132D forms most of the Mexico City-Tuxpan highway corridor, with contiguous segments in the State of Mexico and from Tulancingo, Hidalgo to Tihuatlán, Veracruz.

Tlaxco Municipality, Tlaxcala Municipality in Tlaxcala, Mexico

Tlaxco is a municipality in Tlaxcala, Mexico.