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A killer is someone or something that kills, such as a murderer or a serial killer.

"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe"—which can be spelled a number of ways—is a children's counting-out rhyme, used to select a person in games such as tag, or for selecting various other things. It is one of a large group of similar rhymes in which the child who is pointed to by the chanter on the last syllable is chosen. The rhyme has existed in various forms since well before 1820 and is common in many languages using similar-sounding nonsense syllables. Some versions use a racial epithet, which has made the rhyme controversial at times.

<i>Catch Me If You Can</i> 2002 American film by Steven Spielberg

Catch Me If You Can is a 2002 American biographical crime comedy-drama film directed and produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks with Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Nathalie Baye, Amy Adams and James Brolin in supporting roles. The screenplay by Jeff Nathanson is based on the semi-autobiographical book of the same name by Frank Abagnale Jr., who claims that before his 19th birthday, he successfully performed cons worth millions of dollars by posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot, a Georgia doctor, and a Louisiana parish prosecutor. The truth of his story is questionable.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Zodiac Killer</span> Pseudonym of a serial killer in California

The Zodiac Killer is the pseudonym of an unidentified serial killer who operated in Northern California in the late 1960s. The case has been described as the most famous unsolved murder case in American history. It became a fixture of popular culture and inspired amateur detectives to attempt to solve it.

Catch-22 is a 1961 post-modernist satirical novel by Joseph Heller.

Deadline(s) or The Deadline(s) may refer to:

Killers may refer to:

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Calling card (crime)</span> Objects placed by a criminal to taunt or claim responsibility

In criminology, a calling card is a particular object sometimes left behind by a criminal at a scene of a crime, often as a way of taunting police or claiming responsibility. The name is derived from the cards that people used to leave when they went to visit someone's house and the resident was absent. A calling card can also be used as an individual's way of telling someone they are alive after they have run away or disappeared without revealing themselves or having direct contact with that person. It is often left at a bed side table while the person is asleep, at the living room floor and sometimes even at a grave yard if they know the times someone goes to visit their loved ones. However, some criminals choose not to leave a calling card, as it may be used by authorities or detectives to trace the criminal, and eventually arrest them.

Born to Kill may refer to:

<i>D-Tox</i> 2002 American film

D-Tox is a 2002 American thriller film directed by Jim Gillespie and starring Sylvester Stallone. The supporting cast features Tom Berenger, Charles S. Dutton, Polly Walker, Robert Patrick, Stephen Lang, Jeffrey Wright, Courtney B. Vance and Kris Kristofferson. The film had a limited release in the United States on September 20, 2002, under the title Eye See You by DEJ Productions.

The Ladykillers or Ladykillers may refer to:

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Chris Hansen</span> American television journalist

Christopher Edward Hansen is an American television journalist and YouTube personality. He is known for his work on Dateline NBC, in particular the former segment To Catch a Predator, which revolved around catching potential Internet predators using a sting operation.

The Sky Is Falling or Sky Is Falling may refer to:

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Daniel Henshall</span> Australian actor (born 1982)

Daniel Edwin Henshall is an Australian film, television and theatre actor, known for his work in Snowtown, The Babadook and Turn: Washington's Spies.

<i>To Catch a Killer</i> (1992 film) 1992 Canadian TV film

To Catch a Killer is a two-part television film from 1992, directed by Eric Till and starring Brian Dennehy and Michael Riley. It is based on the true story of the pursuit of American serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

<i>Killer Bean Forever</i> 2008 American computer-animated action film by Jeff Lew

Killer Bean Forever is a 2008 American computer-animated action film written, produced, and directed by Jeff Lew, starring Vegas E. Trip, Bryan Session, David Guilmette, Matthew Tyler and Jeff Lew. It was preceded by two web shorts: Killer Bean: The Interrogation in 1996, and Killer Bean 2: The Party in 2000. Taking place in a world of anthropomorphic coffee beans, the film's plot follows a bean assassin named Jack "Killer" Bean, who is sent to hunt down a crime boss, while he himself is hunted by mercenaries and the police.

Ichi the Killer may refer to:

<i>The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil</i> 2019 film by Lee Won-tae

The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil is a 2019 South Korean action thriller film directed by Lee Won-tae. The film stars Ma Dong-seok, Kim Mu-yeol and Kim Sung-kyu. The narrative revolves around three characters: a serial killer, the gangster who was almost a victim of the killer and the cop who wants to arrest the killer. The cop and the gangster decide to join forces to catch the killer, but face challenges from their respective enemies at work.

<i>To Catch a Killer</i> (2023 film) 2023 film by Damián Szifron

To Catch a Killer is a 2023 American crime thriller film directed by Damián Szifron and written by Szifron and Jonathan Wakeham. It stars Shailene Woodley, Ben Mendelsohn, Jovan Adepo and Ralph Ineson. In the film, a talented but troubled young Baltimore cop is recruited by the FBI to help profile and track down a serial killer. The film marks Szifron's English-language debut.

The Killer is an upcoming American neo-noir action thriller film directed by David Fincher from a screenplay by Andrew Kevin Walker, based on the French graphic novel series of the same name by Alexis Nolent and illustrated by Luc Jacamon. It stars Michael Fassbender, Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard, Sophie Charlotte, and Tilda Swinton.