To Kill a Child

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Avatar is a term used in Hinduism for a material manifestation of a deity. Other common uses include:

Susanne Bier Danish film director

Susanne Bier is a Danish film director, screenwriter, and producer. She is best known for her feature films Brothers (2004), After the Wedding (2006), In a Better World (2010), and Bird Box (2018), and the TV miniseries The Night Manager (2016) on AMC, The Undoing (2020) on HBO, and The First Lady (2022) on Showtime. Bier is the first female director to win a Golden Globe Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a European Film Award, collectively.

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Fares Fares Swedish-Lebanese actor

Fares Fares is a Swedish-Lebanese actor of Assyrian descent.

Children is the plural of child, a person who is not yet an adult.

Visitor, in English and Welsh law, is an academic or ecclesiastical title.

<i>Thirst</i> (1949 film) 1950 film

Thirst is a 1949 Swedish drama film directed by Ingmar Bergman. It was released as Three Strange Loves in the United Kingdom.

<i>Childs Play</i> (franchise) American horror slasher film series

Child's Play is an American horror slasher media franchise created by Don Mancini. The films mainly focus on Chucky, a notorious serial killer who frequently escapes death by performing a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into a "Good Guy" doll. The original film, Child's Play, was released on November 9, 1988. The film has spawned six sequels, a television series, a remake, comic books, a video game, and tie-in merchandise. The first, second, and fourth films were box office successes with all of the films earning over $182 million worldwide. Including revenues from sales of videos, DVDs, VOD and merchandise, the franchise has generated over $250 million. It also won a Saturn Award for Best Horror Franchise.

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To Kill a Child is a short story by Stig Dagerman. It was published in 1948 and was likely the most famous of Stig Dagerman's texts. The short story can be found in the Swedish posthumous collections Vårt behov av tröst (1955) and Dikter, noveller, prosafragment (1981).

David F. Sandberg Swedish filmmaker

David F. Sandberg is a Swedish actor and filmmaker. He is best known for his collective no-budget horror short films under the online pseudonym ponysmasher and for his 2016 directorial debut Lights Out, based on his 2013 acclaimed horror short of the same name. He also directed The Conjuring Universe spin-off horror film Annabelle: Creation (2017), and Shazam! (2019), the seventh installment in the DC Extended Universe.

<i>Border</i> (2018 Swedish film) 2018 Swedish fantasy film

Border is a 2018 Swedish fantasy film directed by Ali Abbasi with a screenplay by Abbasi, Isabella Eklöf and John Ajvide Lindqvist based on the short story of the same name by Ajvide Lindqvist from his anthology Let the Old Dreams Die. It won the Un Certain Regard award at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, and was selected as the Swedish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards but was not nominated. However, it was nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.